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Version number 1.1: Wrong task info on Week 2 changed.

Girls' Frontline has reached its 3rd year anniversary! Woohoo!

They say that crappy mobile games die before reaching its 2nd anniversary. Looks like GFL doesn't fall under that same category!

The 3rd anniversary event, which is actually close to 2nd anni for TW and KR, has three special rewards:

3rd anniversary HK416 icon (it's really a Continuum Turbulence background crop), Blaser R93 (5 star RF, drawn by ASK, also behind OTs-14), and 3rd anniversary furniture.

Have a look of Blaser R93 at: https://imgur.com/a/gp5e1ku

Gacha coin task on week 2 signals 3rd anniversary costume gacha on that period as well.

Good luck and have fun!

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507


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