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Bingo event returns to CN servers!

PM-9 really makes you think twice if not thrice of its field effectiveness, but hey, free event doll is a free event doll.

For those who want the raw text dump, you can refer to below:

First Letter: unique ones
Full Text Meaning
以S评价完成10场战鬥 10 S rank battle wins
申请好友1次 Send 1 friend request 
任意关卡完成自律作战1次 Run 1 auto-mission
First Letter: 在
Full Text Meaning
在任意关卡或战鬥中累计救援任意人形5个 Rescue 5 dolls during combat
在後勤支援完成的情况下累计後勤12小时 Accumulate 12 hours of logistics
First Letter: 战 
Full Text Meaning
战鬥胜利情况下挑战任意普通战役3次 Clear 3 normal missions
战鬥胜利情况下挑战任意夜战战役1次 Clear 1 night mission
战鬥胜利情况下挑战任意紧急战役2次 Clear 2 emergency missions
战鬥胜利情况下消灭5个BOSS Kill 5 bosses
战鬥胜利情况下消灭10个装甲机械铁血兵 Kill 10 armored mechanic SF units
战鬥胜利情况下消灭20个普通机械铁血兵 Kill 20 unarmored mechanic SF units
战鬥胜利情况下消灭30个普通人形铁血兵 Kill 30 unarmored humanoid SF units
First Letter: 通
Full Text Meaning
通过後勤支援获得快速製造契约*1 Obtain 1 fast craft ticket from logi
通过後勤支援获得快速修复契约*1 Obtain 1 fast repair ticket from logi
通过後勤支援获得装备製造契约*1 Obtain 1 equipment craft ticket from logi
通过後勤支援获得人形製造契约*1 Obtain 1 doll craft ticket from logi
通过聊天向好友问候1次 Send 1 message to friend
First Letter: 获
Full Text Meaning
获得任意手枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 HG dolls
获得任意衝锋枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 SMG dolls
获得任意突击步枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 AR dolls
获得任意机枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 MG dolls
获得任意步枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 RF dolls
获得任意配件类装备*3 Obtain 3 attachment type equipment (optics slot)
获得任意弹匣类装备*3 Obtain 3 ammunition type equipment
获得任意人形类装备*3 Obtain 3 doll equipment (exo, armor, cape, ammo box)
First Letter: 进
Full Text Meaning
进行5次人形强化 Run doll enhancement 5 times
进行5次装备强化 Run equipment enhancement 5 times
进行1次人形重型製造 Run 1 heavy doll production
进行1次装备重型製造 Run 1 heavy equipment production
进行1次技能升级(人形、妖精皆可) Run 1 skill training (HOC doesn't count)
First Letter: 累
Full Text Meaning
累积获得核心*3 Obtain 3 cores
累计消耗人形製造契约*4 Use 4 doll craft tickets
累计消耗装备製造契约*4 Use 4 equipment craft tickets
累计消耗快速製造契约*4 Use 4 fast craft tickets
累计消耗快速修复契约*4 Use 4 fast repair tickets
累计消耗人力*1500 (自律除外) Use 1500 manpower (no auto-missions!)
累计消耗弹药*1500 (自律除外) Use 1500 ammo (no auto-missions!)
累计消耗口粮*1500 (自律除外) Use 1500 rations (no auto-missions!)
累计消耗零件*500 (自律除外) Use 500 parts (no auto-missions!)
累计从好友处获得10次共用电池 Obtain friend battery 10 times
累计搜集20个爱心 (包括战术人形与格琳娜) Obtain 20 hearts (includes Kalina)
累计使用3次好友的支援梯队 Summon friend support 3 times
累计消耗校準点券*30 Use 30 calibration tickets
累计进行模拟作战2次 Run 2 combat simulations
累计获得波板糖*1 (可通过退库2星、3星傢俱获得) Obtain 1 lollipop (scrap 2* or 3* furniture)
累计获得脆皮甜筒*1 (可通过退库4星傢俱获得) Obtain 1 ice cream cone (scrap 4* furniture)
累计点赞他人宿舍20次 Give dorm thumbs up 20 times
累计赠送礼物10份 Give 10 gifts (includes combat reports)
累计消耗电池*100 Use 100 batteries

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