Squad level recommendation for AW stages - Guides

This is a quick reference page showing you the combat squads I've used to clear AW stages.

The idea is to show you that you don't honestly need the best available dolls for clearing all stages.

You won't see me use any of the protagonist AR squad as I'm not a dupe gamer and I shouldn't use MOD3 dolls as reference.

All of these squad composition screenshots are included in their respective stage walkthroughs.

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These squads were necessary for...

AW Chapter 1: Single 70+ AR squad

AW Chapter 2: Single 70+ night AR squad, single 70+ night RF squad, single 90+ night AR squad for 2-4

AW Chapter 3: Single 90+ night AR squad, single 90+ night RF squad, two 90+ day AR squads, single 90+ day RF squad

In short, you can clear all the way up till AW 3-4 with two 90+ AR squads and one 90+ RF squad, totaling up to three squads.

Below are screenshots and specific dolls I've used.

From AW 1-1 till 1-3:

Avg. level 40+, Galil, F2000, FN-49, Spectre M4, Type 64

For AW 1-4:

Avg. level 70+, L85A1, ARX-160, Super SASS, m45, M3 Grease Gun

For AW 2-1 till 2-3:

Avg. level 70+, L85A1, ARX-160, MT-9, M3 Grease Gun, M1911

For AW 2-1 till 2-4:

Avg. 70+, Super SASS, M21, Makarov, P7, m45

For AW 2-4:

Avg. 90+, FNC, OTs-12, Thompson, Skorpion, Grizzly

For AW 3-1 till 3-2:

Avg. 90+, HK416, 9A-91, RO635, Vector, Grizzly

For AW 3-1 till 3-3:

Avg. 90+, Kar98k, Springfield, Welrod Mk II, M950A Calico, Stechkin

For AW 3-3 till 3-4:

Avg. 90+, HK416, RFB, FNC, G36C, Vector

For AW 3-3:

Avg. 90+, Zas M21, TAR-21, OTs-12, Ingram MAC-10, PPS-43


For AW 3-4:

Avg. 90+, SVD, WA2000, Welrod Mk II, M950A Calico, Stechkin

For AW 3-4:

Avg. 90+: Zas M21, G41, OTs-12, RO635, Z-62



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