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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 3-2 !

AW 3-2 is the last night stage of Arctic Warfare. The light at the end of the tunnel is near here!

Total of 3~4 squads are used in this short guide including 1~2 dummies.

Squad 1 - Night AR

Squad 2 - Night RF

Squad 3 - Dummy

Squad 4 - Dummy (optional)

Begin turn 0 by spawning squad 2 and sending them Southwest one tile on turn 1.

Spawn squad 1 on helipad and end turn.

On turn 2, send both squads 1 & 2 one tile West and bring in squad 3 on helipad.

On turn 3, send both squads 1 & 2 up Northeast 2 tiles each.

You may want to use an RF squad to kill the sniper gang for easier kills.

On turn 4, resupply squad 2 on supply crate.

It's time to search for passable nodes. Send your squads to capture the radar site.

There shouldn't be armored enemies once you go past the first white star, so send squad 1 first.

You may opt to send squad 1 solo or bring squad 2 together to capture helipads, but in any case, make good use of supply crates.

When squad 1 makes it past the second group of white stars, it should have at least 3 stacks of ammo left before making a run to the HQ.

You will be making two or three enemy contacts on your way to HQ in this segment.

Well, that was easy, right?

Hope you enjoyed the rest, AW 3-3 is beginning to get interesting!


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