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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 3-1 !

AW Chapter 3 is the big boys area generally expecting you to field 90+ squads.

AW 3-1 and AW 3-2 continues to be night stages.

This AW 3-1 guide will assume a total of 3~4 squads, including 1~2 dummies.

Squad 1 is a 90+ level night AR team.

Squad 2 is a 90+ level night RF team.

Squad 3 is a dummy.

Squad 4 is a dummy as well. 4th squad is optional and is up to you whether you're going to use one.

Start turn 0 by summoning squad 2 and moving it over one tile to Northwest.

End turn after deploying squad 1.

On turn 2 send both squads one tile East then summon squad 3 on helipad.

On turn 3 pick a path to go depending on what you see ahead.

Same drill for yellow CE Jupiters. Make sure your main tank doesn't spread the splash damage.

In this run I've chosen the far right path.

On turn 4, capture helipads on the way before you go.

But be wary of running your AR team into armored enemies.

You should be able to brute force them without crippling difficulty if you are careful, however.

On turn 5, it's time to choose where to go.

Generally speaking, it's worth checking out the far East path first.

...except when the RNG machine laughs at you for your futile effort.

Time to turn around!

Capture the radar site for seeing what's ahead.

Bingo, empty node.

Before you move too much, stop your night AR team on top of a helipad so that they can be resupplied.

Run to enemy HQ for victory.

AW 3-1 is surprisingly easy compared to what you've went through on AW 2-4.

The devs must be trying to give you a break after all the hard work.


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