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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 2-3 !

AW 2-3 gives you generally two options: go full West or go Southeast.

You will recognize the terrain especially with all those random nodes at the West and you've guessed it right, they are ambush nodes!

This guide will completely abandon the idea of going West.

Total of three squads will be used here, including a dummy squad.

Squad 1 - Same 70+ night AR team.

Squad 2 - Still the same 70+ night RF team.

Squad 3 - Dummy squad.

Begin turn 0 by bringing in your night RF team first and send them down South one tile.

Afterwards summon squad 1 and switch the two squads' position.

Send squad 1 down first as there's an unarmored mob sitting ready to jump on you.

Finish the turn after moving squad 2 to right behind squad 1.

On turn 2, summon squad 3 on helipad before you move.

Send both squads 1 & 2 two tiles Southeast, with squad 2 sitting behind to intercept armored mob.

There are a total of three possible empty nodes here marked with white stars.

On turn 3, begin moving your way to enemy HQ, but...

What the hell, ambush nodes can spawn armored mobs too?!

Try to send your RF squads to walk over these nodes if you can.

This is not a common happening but it can still screw you over if your night AR squad fights armored minions.

While there's a higher chance of unarmored ambush happening, your night RF squads should be sufficiently capable of dealing with unarmored units for two battles with the help of kiting.

This whole armored ambush affair won't be a problem if you brought an over-leveled night AR squad strong enough to brute force kill armored mobs.

Once you've cleared the ambush nodes (or there is an unarmored mob already standing on random node), send your night AR squad to enemy HQ.

By the end of this stage you would have hopefully learned how to use a night RF squad as an ad-hoc unarmored minion killer by sending them through ambush nodes.

It isn't the perfect and safest solution but it will help you later when you run into very sticky situations.


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