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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 2-2 !

AW 2-2 is the same deal with AW 2-1, find nodes that are empty without Jupiters.

Total of three squads are used here including a single dummy squad.

Squad 1 - Night AR. Nothing unusual.

Squad 2 - Night RF.

And squad 3 as dummy squad for move points.

Begin turn 0 by summoning night AR squad.

On turn 1 move squad 1 one tile Southwest.

Summon squad 2 then move squad 1 just one tile West.

And finally, summon the last squad on helipad. End your turn.

On turn 2, send squad 1 ahead to Southwest but turn to Northwest at a three way road using 4 move points.

Have squad 2 follow.

On turn 3, be ready to engage armored enemies.

Bring up squad 2 and send it over to scout the first possible empty node.

Have squad 1 follow closely to the radar site.

Don't forget to kite your tanks!

Drag when they kneel!

Welp, so this node was blocked in this run.

On turn 4, have your night AR squad resupply from the crate up Northeast.

From this point onward, there should be only unarmored enemies.

Send squad 1 to scout the 2nd closest possible empty node.

There you go! Straight line to HQ.

On turn 5 run squad 1 to enemy HQ and finish the fight.

Be careful though, there is a very small chance of the RNG gods fooling you by placing a red CE Jupiter right in front of enemy HQ.

The final possible empty node is marked with a white star above.

Pretty much the same idea with AW 2-1, wasn't it?

Onto the next one!


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