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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 1-4 !

AW 1-4 is the first boss battle stage in Arctic Warfare. 

This guide will assume a total of 3 squads, comprising of 2 combat squads (2nd one being barely enough to defend base) and 1 dummy.

You *could* still get away with using squad 3 as dummy instead but you'll have to pray for a little bit of luck.

Squad 1 is the main team, capable of killing any minions and the boss on the field.

I would consider level 70+ to be the comfortable bare minimum level in achieving this.

Squad composition here is the classic 2AR 2SMG 1RF, the recommended setup from myself and a lot of other older KR players.

That being said, you should still be fine with a 3AR 2SMG setup.

Squad 2 is just a dummy squad for more move points.

Squad 3 is a base defense squad just strong enough to defend the HQ once.

You can test your luck by using a dummy squad instead.

Begin turn 0 by deploying squad 1 on HQ and moving one tile North.

Note that these are essentially ambush nodes around friendly HQ.

Afterwards summon squad 2 on HQ.

On turn 2, move squad 1 one tile forward and have squad 2 follow them.

Summon squad 3 on HQ.

All this trouble of stacking squads in a bee line like this is to build a launchpad of movement points.

Each squad on the field provides +1 movement point, so these will all be funneled into moving squad 1.

On turn 3, hold your horses on moving out.

First send squad 1 all the way to HQ by swapping positions.

Double click squad 1 when they are standing on HQ then click that yellow resupply button.

Squad 1 now has full load of rations and ammo.

Swap positions again so that squad 1 is at the very front.

Move out! Move squad 1 to East four tiles.

On turn 4, send squad 1 East 4 tiles again.

On turn 5, resupply your squad using the supply crate.

It's the same method of resupplying your squad on HQ/helipad.

Double click your squad then hit that yellow button then send your squad to Southwest.

If you had auto resupply option turned on the squad would have automatically used it by now.

On turn 6, have a look at where the enemies are around the boss. If you are confident you can reach the boss without running out of ammo, then just go straight ahead West.

There is an extremely low chance of you being ambushed by the random nodes here.

If you do, congratulations, you've just used your lottery luck. Maybe go buy a ticket before you lose too much?

Otherwise either wait out until the mobs move away or swing around South to pick up that supply crate.

On turn 7, run toward the boss.

On turn 8, prepare to fight the boss (Gager).

Gager has 8 ARs and 8 RFs as her escort.

Once you begin the boss battle, spread out all of your dolls into a X shaped formation.

This will help you when you are dodging the boss's skillshots.

The moment you suddenly see yellowish orange tiles light up, move your dolls away from there ASAP.

Try to drag away DPS dolls first as they tend to have slower movement speed than SMGs.

Once you dodge the AoE tile attack, return to X shape and repeat until everything dies.

There you have it! You've managed to clear the last stage of AW chapter 1.

You can dramatically lower the amount of turns you spent here by brute force clearing an active Jupiter cannon battery but it won't be easy without sustaining losses.

Good luck and see you on the next chapter!


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