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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 1-3 !

AW 1-3 introduces the concept of utilizing temporarily open helipads and the dreaded ambush node minefields.

You'll be using a total of 2 or 3 squads (1~2 combat squads), depending on how you want to clear this stage.

This guide will mostly assume having 2 combat squads but I'll also go over how to do this with just one.

Squad 1 will be the first combat team in this guide.

Squad 2 as dummy squad for more movement points.

Squad 3 is the HQ assault team.

Try putting a higher level squad in this role than squad 1.

No need to go fancy, just 30+ level will do.

If you decide to use just one combat squad instead of two then skip & scroll down to the end of turn 3.

In short, you'll be retreating squad 1 and redeploying them on the later opening helipad.

Your first goal of this stage is to defend HQ until the weather condition improves and the helipad at West becomes temporarily available. 

On turn 0, start by calling in squad 1 on HQ.

Send squad 1 just one tile South on turn 1.

Call in squad 2 on your HQ and swap squad 1 & 2's positions.

You can do this with squads standing next to each other with zero movement point costs.

To do this, first select a squad with a click and then click another adjacent squad.

This will bring up a small menu of two buttons: swap and select.

Hit the left button.

Now that squad 1 is standing on HQ, send them to one tile Northwest.

On turn 2, send squad 1 back to HQ then swap position with squad 2 again.

What you do from now on until turn 4 is entirely up to you.

For this portion I've opted to clear the surrounding areas of enemies.

On turn 3, bring squad 1 back to swap range of squad 2 still sitting on HQ.

If you are going to use only one combat squad rather than two, retreat squad 1 after swapping position with squad 2.

Retreating squads on a friendly HQ or helipad will not have them lose their current stock of rations and ammo.

On turn 4, summon your HQ assault team (or withdrawn squad 1) on the now open West helipad.

Begin sending squad 3 to far Southwest.

There is a very small chance that the shield gang in the purple circle of the image above is sitting on the empty node one tile Northwest of that Jupiter node.

If this happens, I highly suggest that you end turn and wait until either it sits on random nodes or is not getting in your way.

You may run out of ammo on the way to HQ, because...

(Image above was taken during turn 5, but the idea is the same)

All those random nodes around enemy HQ have extremely high chances of prompting ambushes.

You will go through 5 ambush nodes to reach HQ.

On turn 5, continue rolling to enemy HQ.

With AW 1-3 you've now learned the idea of helipads that are occasionally open and the horrors of AW ambush nodes.

Always treat random nodes you see in AW as potential ambush nodes and plan your logistical thoughts ahead.


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