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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 1-2 !

AW 1-2 is the first introduction of Jupiter cannons and a way to beat them.

For here you'll be using a total two squads, perhaps with single combat squad having minimum level of 30.

Squad 1 is your primary combat team.

Squad 2 is a dummy squad.

Dummy squads are non-combatant squads that focus on aiding tile captures or providing extra movement points.

On turn 0, begin by summoning squad 1 on HQ.

Send squad 1 exactly two tiles Northwest on turn 1.

Don't end your turn yet though!

Call in squad 2 on HQ with that single move point left.

End your turn now.

On turn 2, move squad 1 Northwest three tiles and squad 2 North one tile.

To kill Jupiters without casualties we will need to surround capture Jupiter nodes.

End turn 2 when your squads are placed like this.

On turn 3, move squad 1 Southwest two tiles and move squad 2 Northwest two tiles.

Bingo. This way that Jupiter tile is surrounded by blue friendly tiles. End your turn now.

On turn 4, you'll notice that powered down Jupiters face their guns up.

Whenever you need to go through a Jupiter node but it's unfeasible to kill a full powered one, this is what you'll do.

Send squad 1 to destroy the Jupiter cannon battery.

Weakened Jupiters do not shoot their primary rail gun artillery rounds at you.

They instead shoot very weak machine gun burst at you. They should tickle your tanks.

Instead of watching your dolls eat explosive railgun rounds (they also never miss), you've killed them easily with no losses.


Now that you've cleared that node, the path to HQ is clear.

If you've been following this guide step by step you'll be in the just right turn number to use the helipad previously occupied by Jupiters.

Either resupply your squad at the helipad, or if you somehow missed the opportunity, resupply your squad at the supply crate.

Send your squad to HQ.

On turn 5, finish the fight.

You now have a basic understanding of how to kill Jupiters the safe way.

Keep it up and unto the next stage!


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