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tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 1-1 !

Arctic Warfare chapter 1 stage 1 serves as a tutorial to the new mechanics seen throughout Arctic Warfare.

For here you'll be using just 1 squad, perhaps with a minimum level of 10.

The good ol' 2AR 2SMG 1RF setup I can wholly recommend to new players.

First thing you'll see are two things: closed helipads and one way roads.

Closed helipads and one way roads represent the environmental difficulties of the overall terrain, which in this case, stands in for snowy blizzards that are hazardous for airlifting supplies & deploying squads and deeply sloped hills that make it impossible to traverse the other way around.

Some closed helipads are open for every few turns as indicated from text beneath them, while some may never open at all.

Players on EN and JP server would have met the one way roads earlier through a significantly faster implementation of Blazblue / Guilty Gear collaboration event.

Start turn 0 by deploying squad 1 on HQ, then move them to South West.

You'll also occasionally see tiles with a ( i ) marker beneath them.

These tiles will prompt a small cutscene of dialogues. They'll usually give away interesting ideas and background stories, but more importantly often explanation of how to go through certain mechanics.

On turn 2, keep moving squad 1 down South.

On turn 3, you may be tempted to rush to HQ.


Squad 1 has only one stack of ammo left and they will be trapped in a one way ride without an option to resupply them.

Instead, send squad 1 down South 1 tile.

These are supply crates.

You can use them only once to resupply a squad, with no options to repair them.

You do not need to wait till those crates are in a blue friendly tile to use them.

To use supply crates double click the squad sitting on top of it-

And hit that yellow resupply button on bottom right.

Note that these aren't free supplies. You will be paying the ammo and ration fees.

Now that squad 1 is fully supplied, let's keep moving to enemy HQ.

On turn 4, finish the fight.

That wasn't so bad, was it?

Just be careful with one way roads. They can and will screw over your squads' supply situations.


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