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tl;dr : bring 2 combat squads & 1 dummy, pwn 5 bosses, finish stage with S rank clear, profit

So, you see that the devs put up a very certain rare doll that you want available as drop for a limited time on chapter 6 boss stage.

What are you supposed to do?

Why, run 6-4E instead of 6-6, of course!

6-4E is arguably better to run than 6-6 when you value your time spent, as you have 6 dice rolls of S ranks (5 boss kills, 1 S rank stage clear) in 7 turns opposed to 1 dice roll of S rank (1 boss kill) in 2 turns for 6-6.

The downsides of running 6-4E are that you need two combat capable squads (something which you really should fulfill already if you can reach 6-6) and usually having to pay more attention in boss fights to safely plow through 5 bosses.

Do strongly consider running 6-4E if you have the squads capable of running 6-6 already, it'll be well worth your time.

I've prepared a youtube video with subtitles for this route and a long list of images explaining where you're sending your squads.

Scroll down for more!

As you've probably seen from the first picture on top, you will need a total of 3 squads for this route:

Squad 1 - Anti-Minions

Squad that will be primarily killing minions to clear a path to the bosses, they can be of any composition that you feel comfortable with.

AR/SMG, RF/HG, you name it, bring anything that can survive well.

The requirement of minion kill team is much lower than it looks and you should be able to run with either lower level dolls or more handguns in the team for fewer resupply costs.

Squad 2 - Boss Hunter

Either AR/SMG or RF/HG works.

Full 5HG squad if you feel brave and adventurous, 4HG+1DPS for less daunting ideas.

This squad needs to be capable of winning 5 boss fights with S rank kills.

If you are having a hard time reliably killing and surviving 5 boss fights, try to bring a forcefield SMG as there's enough time for the skill to activate.

Squad 3 - Dummy Squad

Nothing fancy here, just need a random doll in there to hold HQ and give +1 move point per turn.

Start your turn 1 by bringing in squad 1 (anti-minion) first.

Move squad 1 up one tile and summon squad 2 (boss killer).

End turn.

On turn 2, move squad 1 and 2 up one tile each, then summon squad 3 (dummy).

Using dummy squads this way is a classic standard tactic of starting to snowball movement points.

It may seem like you're going slow now but all those extra points will be extremely useful.

End turn.

On turn 3, move squad 1 up two tiles, then have squad 2 move up as well.

But before you end your turn, swap squad 1 and 2's positions.

Select either of them and click the another to bring up the swap position button. It's on the left.

Make sure that squad 2 is in the front before you end the turn!

Squad 1 needs that single stack of ammo for later.

End your turn now.

If you want to avoid putting strain on squad 2, resupply squad 1 before you move them at the beginning of turn 3.

Swap positions until squad 1 is standing on friendly HQ, resupply, and put them back on the front.

On turn 4, move squad 2 Northwest two tiles until on top of a helipad.

Afterwards send squad 1 North two tiles as well.

This is why squad 1 needs that single ammo stack.

It'll have to defend itself after you end the turn.

Squad 2 will also experience its first boss fight on this stage.

Bringing two squads up here is necessary otherwise capturing that surrounded helipad is impossible.

End your turn now.

(I forgot to take screenshots of the first boss fight so there's some HP damage seen)

On the boss fight, employ everything you've learned about this game's mechanic.

Do everything necessary to minimize losses and maximize your advantage.

Move your main tank doll forward 1 tile to extend the firing range of your dolls.

Retreat 1 tile back when you see enemy snipers stop moving and take aim so that you force them to move again.

If you brought a forcefield SMG here, there will either be just enough time to activate the skill or it'll have to tank a single boss attack until it activates.

Either way you will always have time to see the skill switch on, tanking all boss attacks before it dies.

Okay, turn 5! Move squad 2 one tile Northwest to kill that cornered boss.

Afterwards send squad 2 to the 3rd boss on the field.

Send squad 1 up last after squad 2 is done moving.

Once you are done with squads moving, end your turn.

On turn 6, you can either move squad 2 up first to kill that minion or swap positions and send squad 1.

It's up to you.

Make sure that squad 2 is in the front next to the boss and end your turn.

I know, you still have 4 movement points left.

Don't quit mission after you kill the last boss though! There's more work to do.

Last boss will chase you on enemy turn so there's no need to kill her on your turn.

If you do decide to kill the final boss preemptively, you will have to fight a newly spawned minion mob.

On Turn 7, you have a grand total of 11 movement points, exactly what you need to reach enemy HQ.

Send a squad all the way down to there.

There you have it.

7 turns, 14 kills, enough for a S rank stage clear.

End your turn.

Your journey has netted you: 5 boss kills, 1 S rank stage clear.

That's 6 dice rolls to see whether you're getting that rare doll.

Good luck and have fun!

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