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So, you've booted up Girls Frontline and you are suddenly greeted with a security error, then dutifully kicked out of your game.

All you know are that long string of codes, but what do they mean and what can you do?

Folks often go through a process of this:

1) Restart the game
2) Reboot the device
3) Ask around what the heck this error code means
4) Ask customer support
5) Re-install the game

Not everyone has the patience for steps 1~5 though and sometimes you just want to know what's wrong.

Please note that this is different than general client errors often seen on login screens or mid-combat, with the infamous Code 3 from desync.

The list below are strictly for security violation errors, with the game thinking that you are either ready to run or currently running cheating tools.

I present you, their customer service team's cheatsheet of security error codes.

The entire table was given on 2017 June 28.

Originally publicly provided by XD Global (TW Longcheng's KR server publisher), this should be compatible for all servers unless they have drastically changed it either by adding more or rewriting the entire thing.

---- Android:

---- iOS:

I am guessing the abundance of different error codes with same conclusion are for detecting different kind of tools.

Once again, remember that the devs reserve full right to add more codes as they see fit!

Master index page for other guides:


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  • Chyvalle 2018/09/22 11:31 # 삭제 답글

    any plan for translating the new bingo event?
  • Chyvalle 2018/09/22 11:31 # 삭제 답글

    any plan for translating the new bingo event?
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