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Welcome to a quick jumpstarter guide on how to use fan-made Ouroboros finder tool.

* Edit (2019/July/02): the original tool is currently down, please use https://kyoukaya.github.io/ourofind-mirror/index.html instead.

Before you read, a few disclaimers:

- I did not make this tool.

You can contact the original author through: idolm@ster.life

No, I'm not joking, that's the e-mail address he put up on his Q&A page.

- This was made about a year ago on when KR got Operation Cube.

This browser-based javascript tool was built about a year ago on 2017 by a frustrated and talented Korean player when Operation Cube was first released on Korean Girls Frontline server.

It has worked for CN, TW, KR, and from what I'm hearing, it's also fully compatible with EN.

- This is not a cheating tool.

The tool was made with the help of hundreds of user compiled screenshots, understanding of game mechanics, and careful estimates.

It does not read anything from your current game other than you manually clicking the tiles.

The tool will not give you 100% chance on finding the boss but wow, it's pretty nice to have.

The devs and their customer service team are aware of this tool and will not ban you from using it.

So, how do you use this thing?

tl;dr, short description:

On turn 2 of Cube 1-4, click the red tiles in your view to match what's in the tool and it will tell you where the Boss will probably be at. Start your hunt toward that direction. Click 'Reset' when you want to start over in the tool.

God help you if the devs have changed AI behavior and the tool does not work for you.

This javascript tool was made by a Korean player who compiled every single patterns observed in Cube 1-4 in order to help himself find the annoyingly elusive boss in that stage.

Named as Ouroboros, she has a random set of spawn points and instead of actively seeking you, the player, to kill you, she exhibits the typical behaviors of a completely clueless lost child, heading to opposite direction of where you'd expect her to go.

Start Cube 1-4 by putting down a single squad one tile South of the starting helipad and then summon your second squad. End turn 1.

By turn 2, take a deep breath and scroll down your view to the bottom half of the field.

Despite this being a night level, you can see which tiles have been either occupied, captured, or encircle captured by enemy units and tiles.

Click the empty blue tiles in the tool to match which tiles have been painted red in your view.

Tiles in black background box are not needed for this tool.

If you misclicked one, don't worry, clicking it again will reset it.

Once you have clicked all red tiles, the tool will create purple tiles likely to have Ouroboros.

That's right, "likely." You are not dreaming. Most of the patterns will give you two possible tiles. The luckiest ever one will give you a guaranteed single tile. The nightmare pattern will give you 3 or more spots.

Pick one place where you think she is and start hunting!

If you don't see any purple tile(s) it means you forgot to click somewhere so take a closer look.

For your own sanity I highly recommend restarting the stage if you see 3 or more purple tiles in the tool.

Don't forget that the boss is constantly moving every turn and do your best to apply guesses.

If you've messed up or you want to start over, click the "Reset" link and it should revert back to default.

Operation Cube was Micateam's first major event stage of the game and as such, it has unusually punishing features.

They have significantly improved stage design beginning with Arctic Warfare, especially by introducing logical puzzles that makes sense, so if you can survive Cube you should be ready to punch new challenges in the face.

Good luck everyone!


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