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EN server currently has their first point event running!

The devs have been generous enough to give EN server players an early chance at obtaining FN Five-SeveN, the ever so cute doll that has been forever the source of salty players from missing out on having a shot at getting their hands on her.

Do not get confused from looking at the chart as Phase 1 (Week 1) tasks are not disappearing when Phase 2 begins.

It should be obvious from Week 1 having a task that asks players to login for 12 days.

FN Five SeveN is easily obtainable without spending 1,000 coins too, so don't get scared and keep going!

Points of interest are:

1) 100 doll craft tickets on Week 2.
I hope you've been saving up tickets for this.

2) 200 calibration tickets on Week 2.
I urge you to start finding ways to clear 2-4N to unlock defense drill.
Either that or hold onto claiming rewards on 800 pts mark.

3) 300 batteries on Week 2.
Same as above, this can be circumvented by holding onto claiming rewards on 800 pts mark until Week 2.

3) Use 30k ammo on Week 3. One way around this is to save up the crafting task until week 3.

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507


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