Chapters 1 Night Ops Walkthrough - Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Welcome to Chapter 1 Night Ops Walkthrough!

Before you begin, I highly suggest that you read through the night ops basics guide I've written.

It should tell you the fundamentals of night ops in general.

--- Disclaimer ---

Night missions feature completely random enemy movement, regardless of what you do or ever think would work.

What I show you here are maps with initial emplacements and my suggested routes but when you actually get in there enemy units can and will move differently.

Get ready to improvise after having a good look at the map.


>>> 1-1N

>>> 1-2N

1-2N features a mixture of armored and unarmored opponents.

The first two from left aren't that difficult to kill as they have poor dodge and can be killed fine with RF squads.

>>> 1-3N

1-3N only has unarmored enemies.

>>> 1-4N

First real challenging night ops stage with nothing but armored enemies, you can earn Springfield's special ammo here.

The quad legged Manticore is actually a supercharged minion that acts like a boss unit.

This Manticore, however, actually has dodge stats and can dodge your shots.

Try bringing in an MG if you're having too much trouble in killing it or using two SMGs as tanks.

That's it for Chapter 1 night ops! Good luck!

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