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Welcome to S rank clear guides page for DJMAX collab event stages! [Part 3]

--- DJMAX Collab Guides ---
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Today we'll be looking at what kind of pathways you should be taking for S rank clearing E3-1, E3-2, and E3-3.

Each stage will have a short version of an JPG image and a long version of video uploaded on YouTube.

Unlike the previous two chapters I've also included a short footnote on enemy squads.

Chapters 3 and 4 of this collab event are essentially hardcore mode of same levels previously seen and as such offers significantly harder challenge.

Be prepared to fight against setups designed to counter a lot of ill prepared squad compositions!

All of these walkthroughs are assuming that you can kill everything with minimum number of squads put on the field.

Some may be able to do this while some may not. Regardless, get an idea of what lies ahead of you.

*** E3-1. Rare Drop: EVO 3
Uses 2 combat squads.

There are two enemy squad types that are worth looking over. More on below.

Short version: 

Long version:

#1) Black Bombs

E3-1 features the return of black bombs!

These buggers will blow themselves up and instantly cripple your entire squad if it manages to get in point blank range of your dolls.

If you do not have enough DPS to kill them before they reach you, try moving your central tank one tile down.

Usually this will buy you the amount of time for killing blow but in an event that even this is not enough for you, just move move away your entire middle row and your dolls have even more time to kill it.

#2) Snipers with meatshields

Those Jaegars sitting in back row will snipe your frontal tanks' heads off very quickly.

Unlike other setups where your squad have time and space to maneuver around as you see fit, they will almost immediately begin shooting you as they spawn so close to your squad.

I recommend that you retreat your frontal tanks as soon as they face tank 1 volley of their sniper shots.

Bringing along a grenade SMG works wonders here thanks to their first strike outright killing or seriously damaging enemy meatshields.

Once enemy Jaegars fire off their first shot and have to move forward to aim at your back row DPS after you retreat your tanks, it should be just enough time to kill all of them before receiving serious damage.

An alternative is to use a shotgun tank or two as they aren't murdered quickly like SMGs.

Whenever you see a squad of Jaegers during the entire journey of chapter 3 and 4, just assume that this is how they are setup with their own tanks moving forward to soak up damage.

*** E3-2. Rare Drop: KLIN
Uses 2 combat squads.

E3-2 also has two kinds of enemy compositions worth reading beforehand.

Short version:

Long version:

#1) Snipers with high dodge meatshields

In my run I've been using a single MG squad to kill everything from starting point to enemy HQ and if you do it too you'll be facing this dilemma.

Currently one of the most evil setup available in the game, Jaegers are using high dodge Scouts as meatshields.

Unlike normal meatshields it takes significant amount of bullets to properly kill all frontal tanks as even with high accuracy setups these flyers have so high dodge they will still dodge your own shots.

They also have surprisingly fast rate of fire and will chew through your main DPS dolls should they manage to break through your line of defense.

The screenshot above simply shows you how to plug holes: move handguns up and down with upper tile being a priority, while your front tank pulls back a tile to kite away Jaegers for 1 volley.

There are few ways to deal with the frontal tanks:

A] Grenade SMGs
B] Fairies with offensive combat skills (i.e. Airstrike)
C] Smoke grenade dolls

Note how all three involves skills with very short pre-cooldown skills before applying damage.

Grab whatever you can to stop these flying grasshoppers from sneaking past you.

#2) Anti-Armor Brutes

These blue haired Brutes are Sangvis Ferri's direct counter to our Shotgun dolls that are tanking enemy hits by reducing damage with armor.

Brutes have very fast movement speed and will slice through low dodge Shotguns with no problem.

Not only that in this setup they also have an angry mob of AR and RF enemy units running up right behind them ready to lay down serious firepower.

Should you decide to use Shotgun tanks against this squad it is extremely important to swap places with the handgun right behind them as soon as you enter combat.

If you are fast enough with this position swap your front Shotguns will take the first volley of sniper shots while your Handguns tank incoming Brutes with their own high dodge.

I would recommend the same deal with what was previously mentioned: bring AoE damage dealers or be prepared to use smoke to delay their movement and firing speed.

*** E3-3. Rare Drop: PP-19
Uses 2 combat squads and 1 non-combat squad.

Short version:

Long version:

That's it for today!

Just as I've been writing this up we got a major version up with the game.

What you see later when I do E4 will have different UI from screenshots and the game.

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507



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