2018 April DJMAX Collab Event Shop Chart - Guides

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* Chart version is 1.03 with TW & KR server dates.

Girls Frontline X DJMAX collab event is here!

The event runs for roughly 3 weeks.

One fair warning of misconception: the event has a total of 4 chapters with 3 stages each. Crowns can only be farmed at the first half!

You can farm a maximum of 60 crowns per day for a total of 22 days. That puts you on 1320 crowns out of 1300 required to buy everything on the list. While it looks to be fairly tight, Combat Report Disks are actually fairly easy to get so if you have to miss out on buying something that'd be the first to go.

Each of the tactical fairies available in the shop can be bought 3 times. Make sure you buy all three copies if you can so that you can save yourself the hassle of enhancing them.

Windtalker icon was initially thought to be RFB when the images were first revealed but it actually turned out to be K2. Rather strange considering how RFB is our video gaming enthusiast but it is still understandable as the entire DJMax series are made in Korea.

Good luck, and enjoy all the glorious DJMAX music featuring as in-game BGM for this event!

--- DJMAX Collab Guides ---
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Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507



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