2018-03-10 Spring Bingo Chart (KR) - Guides

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I've experimented here and there with cutting down file size further but this is the farthest I will go to preserve readability on non-English letters.

This bingo event is significantly easier than the previous one.

Since I expect KR server to be receiving a major event stage pretty soon, I encourage players to take full advantage of calibration tickets being given at the end of this event and use it to finish off any loose ends with equipment and fairies.

* NOTE: There was an error on my part incorrectly saying a mission asked you to leave a message on someone else's dorm. This has been fixed and is actually sending a message to someone on friendlist.

Interesting points:

1) You want us to actually obtain new candies? How the in the hell...?

As noted up in the chart, you can earn candies by deleting furniture that you already have in storage.

This is probably their way of fighting furniture inflation and giving those chairs and desks sitting in your backyard a chance to be used.

Normally you would earn them from event rewards or by earning duplicate ID icons when you're using furniture coins.

2) We, humans, are social creatures.

Two new player-to-player interaction missions: send a message to someone and send a friend request to someone.

Hilarity ensues as now you need to delete someone when your friend list is full.

Prepare to see a lot of incoming friend requests during this event.

3) No more spend/earn diamond missions!

A very big sigh of relief was had when I first saw the list as there are no diamond related missions.

Oh, and no IDW related missions too. :p

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507


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