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The following walkthrough is for Singularity Chapter 2 Hidden stage, otherwise known as E2 Hidden with E standing for "event."

You can be given AAC Honey Badger PDW as the clear reward along with a few other possible special drops but perhaps the most shocking is M4A1 on the drop table, something that players will probably never see again until next year.

This guide is written assuming that you fulfill two conditions: you have a skill level 10 illumination fairy and a decently high level parachute fairy.

Here are the squads that I've used while preparing this guide:

1 Squad with a single pistol and max skill level 10 illumination fairy.

1 Squad with the second best I could muster to fight in the night time while carrying the strong stat debuff penalty from using parachute fairy's skill to be airdropped far away for approximately 3 combat sessions.

I ended up throwing in two debuffer T-Dolls in here with UMP45's smoke grenade and Kiana's thunder stun.

As these squad members are going to fight while under heavy overall stat penalty, these debuffers were a god send.

I've also added Vector and HK416 on top for burst grenade damage to overcome the chopped down overall squad firepower.

Your situation may be much better than me and feel free to juggle around what you have then experiment with them.

One forewarning: if you do not include a handgun in the air drop squad, you will later not be able to call in reinforcements.

1 Boss killer squad with two forcefield SMGs and a fat stack of DPS dolls with forcefield fairy.

E2 Hidden Agent requires you to kill multiple mini bosses before you get into the final fight.

It goes in the order of: Agent (half HP) -> Scarecrow -> Executioner -> Agent (1/5 HP) -> Hunter -> Agent (final fight)

I recommend that you form your squad based on either of the following principles:

A) Double stack of forcefield SMGs and rotate out the skills on cooldown

B) Extreme supercharged dodge tanking SMG (i.e. Suomi, MP7)

C) Go all in with one forcefield SMG and the rest as damage dealers or buffers

There are more possible squad setups to successfully kill the boss, of course, but those three are what I've experimented with myself and seen doing very well by others in this situation.

Whatever you do, they need to also fulfill two requirements:

X) A tank that survives long enough to last during the entire fight.

Y) Enough DPS to burst down Agent's shield.

That's more than a mouthful of text, isn't it? You can refer to the following Youtube video of the boss fight for reference: (video by 별빛 of Korean GF community)

One small hint: the mini-bosses can be stunned using flashbangs!

And finally, 2 squads that will be anchoring down and defending position.

Handguns in them are entirely optional and you can form them without one.

Muster the highest endurance squad you can as they will be fighting constantly every turn a little after they are deployed.

Let's go over the squads I've used again:

Group A - squads staying around friendly HQ:
1 handgun squad with illumination fairy
1 squad to defend the tile close to HQ (handgun not necessary)

Group B - squads heading up North:
1 squad with parachute fairy (handgun needed)
1 squad to defend the tile close to helipad (handgun not necessary)
1 squad to kill the boss (handgun not necessary)

Group B also must have at least 1 squad without a handgun. Failure to remind yourself this will result in you being detected by the Typhoon tanks.

Ready with the squads? Let's move on.

Your goal in E2 Hidden is to form a supply line between the supply point painted in red circle and friendly HQ in blue circle.

Form a line by capturing nodes and hold the line without it breaking for 2 turns.

The field was designed so that the player is forced through a clockwise one-way road from HQ to supply point.

We will be using illumination and parachute fairy to entirely skip the very long winding path, significantly cutting down clear time.

On turn 1 summon your illumination squad first and then your first base defense squad.

On turn 2, move up all of your squads one tile West and then summon your parachute squad.

Depending on how RNG treats you, you may have to put the base defense squad in front of your handgun team.

End your turn now.

On turn 3, here is where you pray for a good dice roll.

When you parachute up to the helipad far up North you will need to move your squad to the white circled tile and successfully capture the enemy helipad by it being surrounded.

In order to have that possible without the white circle tile being surround captured by hostiles, either of the two tiles with green circle needs to not be occupied as red.

On this example screenshot my luck was bad so I ended up retreating all of my squads and giving it a second try.

Ah, here we go. With this you can work with.

Send over your skill level 10 illumination fairy squad to the crossroads in the orange circle and activate the skill.

Let there be light!

You now have visual sight on the empty helipad.

Fly in your elite airborne squad to the hostile helipad.

Move your airborne squad one tile Southeast to kill anything standing on that tile.

Meanwhile make sure your illumination squad is tucked away in friendly HQ.

Ensure that you are not actually seeing the tanks previously spotted in the red squares before you end your turn.

If you can see them, they can see you too and they will begin actively patrolling around, completely denying your chance of defending a supply line unless you kill them.

Killing tanks is a next level of high tier micro-control gaming and I would advise against trying to kill them yourself.

Double check that you don't see the tanks again and end the turn now.

On turn 4, circle around your parachute squad to clear the now captured friendly helipad.

Summon your second defense squad on the new helipad.

Depending on how badly damaged your parachute squad is, you may have to immediately get your second defense squad and parachute squad to swap places to hold the line.

End your turn now.

On turn 5, move your parachute squad one tile Southeast, one Northeast, one Northwest, and again one Northeast.

Meanwhile send down your defense squad one tile down.

With your squads placed like this end your turn now.

Don't worry, Agent will not chase you as that road between un-captured helipad and supply point is a one way road.

On turn 6, move your parachute squad one tile Southwest to the radar site.

Summon your boss kill squad on the previous helipad and send them down to kill Agent.

Here we go!

Once again, refer to (video by 별빛 of Korean GF community) if you want to watch how the fight unfolds.

In my squad setup I place two forcefield SMGs together and rotate each out whenever the cooldown for forcefield is down.

Keep your squad members alive as long as possible throughout the fight until the last encounter!

After fighting multiple mini-bosses you will fight Agent for the last time.

When you see her activate her skill after seeing her standing art, she will put up a red forcefield.

Be very careful not to prematurely use your doll's skills before she uses this. Save them up until now!

You need all the DPS you can muster to burst down her shield.

You can actually see how much she has left with a tiny shield bar right above her.

Failure to burst this in time will result in her doing an instant kill wave on all of your squad members.

Now that you've cleared the Sangvis Ferri maid boss, the route is clear.

Send your boss kill squad to the white circle and parachute squad one tile down South.

In my squad setup I don't have a handgun in boss kill squad, so if you do have one you may have to improvise a bit.

Double check that you don't have the Typhoon tanks in your vision and end your turn.

We now have a supply line formed!

End turn again to win.

With the help of illumination and parachute fairy, we've cut down clear time significantly to a mere 7 turn run.

Good luck, the toughest part here is actually forming a squad that can kill stuff and survive after parachuting in.

Master index page for other guides:



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