Android APK installation files - Guides

The following contains the links to downloading the APK files for Girls Frontline.

I'll be primarily focusing on Digital Sky as that's where I'm playing at.

While I'll be checking updates on other servers from time to time, do poke me when something needs to get updated ASAP.

Update: 2020-JAN-16

--- Digital Sky ---
Official website link:

Official download link:

APK file hosted on my Google Drive in case you can't access the official site or if it's going too slow:

v.2.0410_888 UNPACKED
This is a special custom APK with its assets deliberately uncompressed to mitigate loading time.
Use at your own risk!!!

--- Bilibili ---
Official website link:

Official download link:
Bilibili at some point stopped posting publicly visible DL links. Unfortunately I don't have a Bilibili ID myself to login and fish out hidden download links.

v.2.410_391 UNPACKED
Due to 99% of Bilibili users I know that still play already using unpacked APK, I'll mirror this one instead. Do note that the version number is slightly lower, so you'd need to download more updates after a fresh install.

--- Taiwan ---
Official website link:

Official download link:

--- Korea ---
Official website link:

Official download link (Google Play):

--- English ---
Official website link:

Official download link (Google Play)

v.2.0312_289 -
Zipped file with APK.

Extract the zip file, copy & paste "Android" folder to your internal storage, then run the APK file.

When I say "internal storage," I am really referring to the very top folder in Internal Storage of your Android device. Say yes if you are asked to overwrite.

If using an emulator, plug the folder into the top root folder of sdcard. Say yes if asked to overwrite.

Base files are from APKPure, which were then extracted and tested on my phone.

Master index page for other guides:



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