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The following guide is for Singularity Chapter 1-C4, otherwise known as Right-Right route.

This will also double as a general guide to farm FN Five-SeveN here, which is perhaps the rarest of the rarest 5 star handgun ever in the game.

Prepare two squads:

#1) squad that will fight a total of 6 enemy squads that can also take care of black golyat (black bomb) here.

In my case it was fine to just use 5 handguns but for some it will be less optimal and not work.

Throw in squad members you need that can successfully tackle two black bombs.

If it's still difficult to kill two black bombs by yourself, keep reading to find out the general idea of this route.

#2) squad with only one doll to provide cheer leading +1 movement point.

The objective of this field is to take over the enemy radar site marked on the above screenshot.

In reality it's really just a re-skinned enemy HQ.

FN Five-SeveN is known to be dropped by the black bomb currently seen sitting on radar site and the two Jaguar mortar squads sitting right next to it so we will be trying to kill all three in one run.

Deploy your first squad and move it over one tile West.

Also put down your second squad.

End your turn now.

Once turn 2 begins, have your first squad switch positions with squad two.

Select your first squad first and click the second squad. Press the left button to swap places.

Once your first squad is sitting on friendly HQ, double click your first squad.

Bring up the squad status screen and click the bottom right yellow button to manually resupply your squad with ammo and MRE.

It is crucial to do this step as without it they will run out of ammo before they punch their way to enemy radar site.

After resupplying swap the two squads places again.

Notice how you didn't use any movement points at all during this; squad position swapping does not consume movement points at all so try to use this technique whenever possible in other situations.

Send squad #1 one tile Northwest and one tile Southwest.

If you have Search Fairy with you, use its ability before fighting mortar squad for enhanced chance of rare drops.

When your first squad is one tile below enemy helipad, stop right there.

End your turn now, ignoring the one movement point you still have.

You have just enough ammo for two combat sessions!

Send your squad down Southwest two tiles toward the radar site.

Once your first squad reaches the enemy radar site, end your turn now.

Did you see how the route involves circling around the outer rim toward the radar site?

If for some reason you cannot kill two black bombs yourself, instead of using the route written here, take a far Southeast route and circle around toward the objective. You shouldn't be running into the black bomb this way.

Whew! That was easier than it seems, right?

Keep it up and get that FN Five SeveN as she will probably never enter the craftable T-dolls pool due to her being only distributed on major events.

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