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Last update: 2018-02-17

The following translations were written while using 20.02 version of the client on Digital Sky, Android (China) server.

Most of these settings should be the same with the same button layout for all servers perhaps unless you are missing a major update.

Sound options are pretty straightforward.

When you are in a data storage crunch, you could still play the game without voices downloaded.

I usually try to keep screenshots on native mobile friendly images but for this one I had no choice as some people were getting confused if I didn't intentionally let the options available when scrolled down stick out like this.

I highly recommend to turn off skill activate pictures as they will break your rhythm and control when a sudden big picture pops out to take away your control for a brief second.

It's pretty to see for a couple occasions but it will get old really fast and be rather irritating when you're trying to dodge incoming skillshots.

The bottom option of low graphics mode (AKA potato mode) is the newest addition.

It will dramatically help machines by not showing stuff on screen like ejected shells and using simpler explosions.

From most of the screenshots I've seen the column on far right is where the most significant differences are between other available servers.

Some may have fewer than that screenshot but they will, however, have same buttons with same icons serving same purposes.

Push notifications!

Hitting OFF on the top one will disable all notifications entirely.

"Batteries" here refers to battery packs you can collect in the game, not the battery status of your phone.

I've seen some apps and games that actually try to warn you when you have low battery but this is not the case with Girls Frontline.

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