Singularity, 2-C4, No Sacrifice S Rank Route - Guides

The following guide is to S rank clear 2-C4, otherwise known as Chapter Right-Left route.

Quite a few walkthroughs will say how S rank is impossible since you have to sacrifice your own squad to clear the path, ending up with a max A clear.

I will show you how you can do this with S rank clear and zero units under your own command being killed.

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2-B4, No Sacrifice S Rank Route

2 Hidden, Easy Win with Parachute and Illuminate Fairy

You need a total of three squads for this:

1) Boss kill squad
2) Minion kill squad
3) Dummy 1 handgun squad

Myself not including a handgun in #2 squad is intentional as sight is not necessary for that squad.

It'll also be fighting multiple combat sessions and I didn't want to risk a dumb loss on the way.

It is entirely possible to do this with them having a handgun equipped for night sight and it's up to your choice.

Begin by summoning your boss kill squad on West helipad and your 1 handgun dummy on East.

Move your 1 handgun squad one tile Northwest and one tile Northeast.

Select your boss kill squad and swap places with Defiance (Rebellion) Team.

Don't forget that the left one is the swap button!

Once you've placed them like this, end your turn.

On turn 2, move your boss kill squad one tile East. End your turn again.

On enemy phase you will see a red golyat squad (AKA red bomb) charge into Defiance squad.

Move M4A1 down one tile while simultaneously moving Colt SAA Revolver two tiles to the right.
It is crucial that you do this fast enough to ensure that RNG does not give you a funny look and this team fails to kill the Manticores behind red bomb.

The screenshot was taken with me doing this a little too slow to give you a better view on what needs to be done.

Unlike 404 Team killing a red bomb squad with minimal damage in the other route (take a look at ), Defiance Team will eat dirt if you aren't careful in this position change.

Colt Revolver needs to charge forward as fast as possible so that red bomb blows up early and the rest of the AR dolls shoot the Manticores.

What a bloody victory. Folks, this is why you should build balanced teams!

On turn 3, this is what it'll look like.

Don't worry about another red bomb visible for now, our route is clear at the moment.

Summon your minion kill squad on South East, just next to your 1 handgun dummy squad.

Send your boss kill squad all the way up Northeast following the arrow to the far left radar site.

While this is going on, make sure you are swapping places with the now half dead Defiance squad on the way and do not set them to hold position from you hoping they survive the mission. They need to keep moving!

By the time you've moved your boss kill squad, this is where all your squads would be positioned.

End your turn now.

On enemy phase you get to see the second red bomb squad charge into Defiance squad.

Depending on how buggy your situation is you may get to see a sudden G11 pop up in place of the yellow military doll in the purple box now or just when you've stepped on the left radar.

There is no chance the almost dead Defiance squad can kill a second red bomb squad.

Retreat them out of mercy. Or watch them die like a sick psychopath with popcorn.

You see, strictly speaking, these dolls are not your own dolls. They classify under "friendly" 3rd party dolls.

You can still obtain an S rank just fine even if they die as it won't be counted as your loss.

Your boss squad will begin fighting the duo of Gager & Intruder.

Whenever you see orange tiles like those pop up immediately move your dolls out of them before Gager slices them into half.

Keep shooting while dodging these attacks and you should be good.

Beginning turn 4, have minion kill squad and 1 handgun dummy squad swap places.

You have two choices:

1) Follow the green arrow and get an extra kill on the way hoping that you get a lucky drop of HK416's special equipment.

2) Or just follow the white arrow if you are feeling lazy.

Either way, reach the green circle.

Swap places with the solo G11 sitting one tile Southwest.

End your turn now.

You'll see G11 and red bomb face each other face to face...

But sadly G11 is alone. Either retreat or enjoy the fireworks.

Beginning turn 5, the route is now clear!

Follow the green route up Northeast all the way up to the radar site on the right.

When you step on that radar site you'll gain 3rd party friendly squad control of an abandoned military doll.

Click it and set it to capture HQ by hitting the far right button.

End your turn now.

Have a brief heart attack from seeing a red bomb crawl up on you from behind.

End your turn again.

Voila! An S rank clear with zero unit losses of your own.

This should give you a better chance of getting that special equipment thanks to the S rank clear.

Good Luck and keep going!

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