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The following guide is how to access the in-game customer service section.

Use this to report bugs or other issues you have with the game.

Beginning a couple months ago customer support have been actively answering questions written in English.

They are, however, likely using Google Translate or other form of machine translation so be patient and try to use easy words and sentences friendly to translation programs.

Please note that this is written assuming you are trying to do this on either Digital Sky or Bilibili.

Your steps may be different when you are playing either on Taiwan or Korean servers, although I imagine it'll be quite similar to these.

Go to your settings screen and click the second bottom icon from the column on the right.

Scroll down and click the second bottom button.

If you can read Chinese, you'll get to see an FAQ section while you scroll down.

Proceed to click another button on top right.

What you see on this step *may* look different but that is due to the page not properly loading up. Go back and keep trying again.

Select what platform you're playing on, the classification of this question, and then write in your actual inquiry.

You are most likely reporting a bug, in which case it's obviously the first one literally labeled as "Bugs" in English.

Once you are done hit submit on top right.

Few steps back on this screen again, the bottom button is where you view your previous inquiries.

The customer support section is structured like a typical messenger program.

You'll likely receive an automated response immediately saying how your ticket was received.

Wait a bit for their response and chat more when you need to do so.

Good luck, you'll need it to overcome the language barrier.

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