Singularity, 2-B4, No Sacrifice S Rank Route - Guides

The following guide is to S rank clear Singularity 2-B4, otherwise often known as Chapter 2 Left-Right Route.

Very large number of guides out there will tell you that you absolutely have to sacrifice your own T-Doll squad to clear the path.

This is not true, you can still clear this stage with an S rank of zero friendly deaths.

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1-B2, No Black Bomb Kill S Rank

2-C4, No Sacrifice S Rank Route

2 Hidden, Easy Win with Parachute and Illuminate Fairy

All you need is 1 single squad capable of killing the boss here. No need for more squads.

Begin by summoning your boss kill squad and move them one tile North East.

End your turn.

On turn 2, swap positions with 404 Team.

Select your own squad first, click 404 to bring up the small interaction menu, and then select the left button to swap places.

Once it's like this end your turn.

Once you hit end turn you'll see 404 moving North one tile and when enemy phase starts you'll see the red golyat (AKA red bomb) charge into 404 Team.

Move UMP45 one tile down and watch the de-facto second protagonist squad kill everything, including red bomb.

All hail Team 404!

On turn 3, move your boss kill squad up North to the radar site on the right.

Rather than go through other similar routes I suggest minimizing combat through the orange route to preserve HP for the upcoming boss fight.

Once your squad arrives on the radar site you will be given 3rd party friendly control of a lone abandoned military doll.

Click it and select the middle button, telling it to stay right there and don't move.

End your turn.

Gager & Intruder duo will move down from enemy HQ to intercept your boss kill squad.

The key element of this boss fight is to dodge all incoming horizontal slash attacks.

Whenever you see those orange tiles get the hell away from there and keep shooting.

Once you've killed the boss and on turn 4, select the military doll again and click the far right button to tell it to go capture enemy HQ.

This is it, there are no obstacles in its path and keep hitting end turn button until it takes over their HQ.

Enjoy an S rank win with a higher chance of obtaining that sweet rare drop. =)

Good Luck and keep going!

Master index page for other guides:



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