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The following guide is for newer players that cannot kill Black Golyats (simply known as Black Bombs) by themselves on the third stage heading South East in the first chapter of Singularity event.

If you can kill the rushing black bombs using your own squads without any trouble then I am sorry, this guide is not for you. :p

As this write up focuses on people unfamiliar with position swapping, don't worry! There are a lot of pictures that I've prepared just for you.

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Here are the two squads that I've used while preparing this guide.

Note that you can still complete this with much lower level squads.

They just need to be able to kill around 5 enemy squads with combat efficiency score of 2000, which roughly translates into a squad full of level 30+ and x3 link dolls.

Once you load the field here this is what you will see.

The black bombs on East have a combat efficiency number of roughly 40,000.

However, the number is very much inflated!

Don't be shy of field testing your own squads whether your own little army has enough DPS to kill them before the bombs drop kick you in the face.

Anyways, back on topic.

Deploy a squad on friendly HQ.

While you have your own squad selected, click the wounded M4A1 sitting next to HQ.

You will see two yellow buttons: swap position or select.

Hit the left button.

You will now see that the two units have exchanged places.

The best part of using this method is how position swapping does not use movement points at all!

You will be using this neat technique extensively during this stage.

Move your own squad one tile South and one tile East, toward the enemy held radar site.

Aha, the yellow unit at North West is suddenly now friendly! Leave it there untouched for now.

Click M4A1 (sometimes you may need to double click) to bring up the small menu of issuing orders.

Whenever you select a friendly 3rd party unit this is what you will see all the time.

From left to right: Search and Destroy, Hold Position, Capture HQ

Click the middle button to tell M4A1 to stop right there and don't move.

Once that is done, end the current turn.

On turn 2, move your own squad one tile West and one tile North.

Summon your second squad on the helipad that you've just went past.

This should be how it looks by now.

Have your first squad swap places with M4A1.

Remember to select your own squad first and then click M4A1 to bring up the menu.

Don't forget that the left button is what gets you to swap positions.

And then have your second squad swap places with M4A1.

Wounded M4A1 is now safe in a small corner.

You need to now swap & shift positions so that the revived and hijacked military dolls defend the base for you.

Begin by swapping your second squad with the Hydras on West and swap your first squad's position with the Hydra again.

Select the squad of Hydras sitting on your HQ and tell it to hold position.

After that move your second squad one tile West.

End your turn now.

Enjoy watching actual regular military dolls shred puny rebellious sentient robots into little pieces of metal.

Almost done! You just need to mop up the rest.

Move your second squad down South two tiles and one tile East, killing everything on the way.

And then move your first squad next to HQ one tile West.

By the end of it this should be where your dolls are.

Your goal of this stage was to form a supply line between friendly HQ and the supply point, then hold the line without breaking it for three turns.

Nothing should stand in your way now. Keep pressing end turn until victory.

By following this walkthrough you should have also killed enough enemy units to earn an S rank complete.

A little while ago it used to be that you cannot earn S rank when you didn't kill the black bombs yourself due to the lack of kill counts.

This has been fixed and it's available to all users without doing it.

Enjoy! And Good Luck!

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