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2018 Lunar New Year point event chart, running from 2018 Feb. 14 till March 7.

Unless a sudden change comes up the dates are the same for Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean servers.

I actually forgot to include one big detail in the image: Korean server will be receiving ART556 as well as Hanyang Type 88 Live2D skin on 1800 point mark.

Korean server didn't get ART556 doll yet and this is finally their chance to get her.

Key takeaway points of this point event:

1) TW server doesn't have memory fragments.
Taiwanese server did not receive 2.0 version up yet and as such all these rewards concerning memory fragments will supposedly be given to the players at a later date. Why they aren't getting 2.0+ version is a totally different issue and I suggest asking around for details. Long story short, lots of red tape with the online app store as well as multiple entities.

2) Memory fragments instead of calibration tickets.
Calibration tickets, once players begin to use them, are often depleted at an alarmingly fast speed. As the general player base matures and with the new release of AI+ mindmap upgrade for special T-Dolls, memory fragments are now the new rare commodity as they are equally in short supply.

3) Hanyang Type 88 skin is a Live2D overwrite of current default skin.
I won't spoil you with the actual looks but Hanyang Type 88 Live2D skin does indeed have some great looking dynamic movements. That being said though, there is no new dramatically different looks and for some this may be a let down.

4) I need to receives likes! But how?
Instead of throwing in conditions of the player to give away thumbs up altogether, we are now only facing the quest of getting thumbs up from other people. Good luck, I hope you've got decent neighbors.

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507


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