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Welcome to Part 4 of 4 equipment guide pages.

This page will cover slightly detailed look of general equipment.

To avoid compatibility issues most of these are in JPG images.

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1) Exoskeletons-

1-1) T-Type Exoskeletons

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +35 Dodge, -6 Firepower

Usable by SMGs, HGs, and ARs.

The standard equipment of SMGs, T-type exoskeletons are crucial in establishing their role as main tank.

While T-types are also necessary for HGs positioned to tank for the team, the equipment slot of HGs for exoskeletons open up very late (level 80) and as such should be only considered as late game option.

ARs as well as damage dealing SMGs should not be using this due to the massive firepower penalty and instead use X-types.

1-2) X-Type Exoskeletons

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +20 Dodge

Usable by the same class with T-type exoskeletons, all dolls required to kill enemies by themselves will be equipping this.

While it is normal for SMGs and HGs to equip T-types, SMGs engineered to heavily rely on their firepower will use this instead.

Examples are SMGs with frag or incendiary grenades like Vector, PPS-43, as well as the unique DPS reliant SR-3MP.

2) Body Armor-

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +11 Armor, -2 Dodge

Only usable by all SG classes with the exception of M16A1 (AR), these are necessary for shotguns to reduce incoming damage into the lowest damage possible.

Despite shotguns increasing natural armor per level up it is still not enough to brick tank late game heavy damage hitters without additional armor.

Dodge penalty is largely ignored as shotguns already have low dodge in the first place.

3) Camouflage cape-

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +25 Critical Hit Damage, -3 Movement Speed

Only usable by RFs, note that the bonus applies only to critical hits, not normal shots.

Usually the movement speed reduction is not that much of a handicap but it will become a heavy one when RFs are fighting bosses.

Slow movement speed gets problematic when RFs need to dodge incoming tile based indirect attacks, which are coincidentally some that hurts the most.

Players are highly advised to avoid equipping this when RFs in the squad are expected to attend boss fighting sessions.

4) Optical Sights-

4-1) Telescopic Sight-

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +48% Critical Hit Chance

Usable by all but HGs, this is usually the best optics choice for all heavy damage dealers as maximum enhanced 5 star telescopic sight gives a ridiculous flat bonus of +48% critical hit chance.

The only time when players would ever think of using anything else would be when accuracy becomes a real problem, such as when ARs are struggling to hit night time enemies or MGs and SGs suffering from naturally low accuracy.

4-2) Red Dot Sight-

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +30 Accuracy, -1 Rate of Fire

The definitive answer to classes that suffer from low accuracy but have to pull well above their weight in overall damage inflicted pool, this is the standard equipment for many MGs and Shotguns.

SR-3MP also stands out as an SMG that needs to muster every single bit of accuracy as possible to overcome her low accuracy so that she can rain hell on enemies.

Something to consider, however, is that armored enemy minions typically encountered on night ops usually have zero dodge.

Since accuracy isn't needed in those cases MGs are better off with telescopic sights for higher chance of critical hits. The same applies to data collection (skill chip) combat simulations.

4-3) Holographic Sight-

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +14 Accuracy, +8 Firepower, -4 Rate of Fire

EOTech holographic sights are a niche item stuck between telescopic sights and red dot sights. Sometimes this will be the player's second handed choice when there aren't enough of either on hand.

Holosights, however have good use on SMGs like Vector and Skorpion that need to squeeze in as much firepower as possible. Even a small difference in firepower will tremendously help increase grenade damage.

M4 SOPMOD II and ST AR-15 enjoys being able to dual wield two sights of different kind and this will be the obvious choice after equipping telescopic sight.

A small selection of MGs with an unusually good accuracy would benefit to fit this over red dot sights. I would suggest putting this instead of red dot sight if accuracy can hit above 40 as I find it usually enough to reliably hit enemies.

5) Suppressor

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +19% Critical Hit Chance, +10 Dodge

Suppressors are the standard equipment for all tank HGs and SMGs thanks to its no penalty dodge bonus.

Suppressors can be substituted as makeshift critical hit chance booster for DPS units when there aren't enough telescopic sights for everyone.

6) (PEQ) Laser Target Pointer-

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +100% Night Accuracy Penalty Reduction

Often times simply called as "PEQ", RFs and MGs cannot equip these laser pointers.

Alongside armor piercing rounds, laser target pointers are essential on night ops.

Because all friendly units receive a flat 90% accuracy penalty in the dark, without these players will have first hand experience of the infamous "Stormtrooper Effect" and get to feel what it is like to get murdered Hollywood style.

Night Accuracy = (Original Accuracy * 0.1) + (0.9 * (PEQ's %))

All ARs need to have this equipped during night time to properly kill unarmored enemies.

7) Extended Ammo Box-

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +5 Ammo Count, -2 Dodge

Since trying to use MGs as front tank is just a stupid idea when SGs and SMGs have much better HP & dodge, the evasion penalty is largely ignored.

This equipment is critical in justifying the high resupply cost of MGs over using other damage dealers.

Unlike most of tactical dolls, machine gunners need to reload after emptying their magazines/belts.

RoF stat also works differently with MGs.

Non-MG/SG dolls: Attack per second = RoF stat / 50

MG dolls: Attack per second = 3 times per second
MG dolls: Reload time in seconds = 4 + (200 / RoF)

While reload time can be shortened by a tiny bit with faster RoF, reloading will still feel like it is taking forever when you literally have enemy at the gates.

A 5 star (golden background) ammo box that has been fully enhanced to +10 will add a whopping number of 5 shots per magazine.

Considering how the average ammo count is 9 rounds without ammo boxes, this is effectively adding at least +50% combat effectiveness to MGs.

Players would do well in paying attention to what skills their MGs have.

MGs that fire a higher damage bullet per 4th shot would need ammo count of at least 12 so they can apply it three times per reload.

MGs with skills that have pre-cooldown will never be able to fully utilize them without ammo boxes unless they save the skill to be activated after a reload.

Some players argue that Negev's special skill requires her to not have the extended ammo box at all. This is a very dangerous and bad idea, as the total damage inflicted with the ammo box in the long run will still vastly surpass the total number without it.

8) Ammunition-

8-1) Armor Piercing rounds

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +120 Armor Piercing

Only usable by RFs and MGs with the exception of C-MS (SMG), Contender (HG) and 6P62 (AR).

You won't need to seriously look for AP rounds until you begin running night ops as they tend to be flooded with armored opponents, but it is still advised to keep it equipped at all times since late game daytime bosses do have armor.

Conversely, if you do not have enough AP rounds to fully equip your squads in night ops, you are asking to torture yourself. Be properly prepared when walking under the moonlight.

Damage calculation with armor:

Target's damage received = Damage - Non-penetrated Armor.

* Minimum value of damage received is 1
* If penetration exceeds armor, +2 bonus on damage received (+3 when critical hit)
* ALL guns have a hidden default armor penetration value of 10.

8-2) High Velocity rounds

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +20 Firepower

Only usable by ARs, enhanced high quality HV rounds are the sole reason that ARs become powerful beginning mid-late game.

The un-penalized flat firepower increase scales exceptionally well with all kinds of ARs regardless of their skill.

8-3) Hollow Point rounds

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +15 Firepower, -7 Armor Piercing

Only usable by SMGs and HGs, good quality of these are absolutely necessary for damage-focused SMGs.

While it penalizes armor penetration, this drawback is largely ignored as very few SMGs and HGs can punch armored opponents in the face.

8-4) Buckshot rounds

Max Enhanced 5 Star: +15 Firepower, +22% Critical Hit Damage

Gives firepower boost and enhanced critical damage with no penalties. Note that it increases critical damage, not the chance of inflicting critical hits.

Only usable by SGs, this is what shotguns will use pretty much all the time. More onto why later.

8-5) Slug rounds

Max Enhanced 5 Star: x300% Firepower, +20 Accuracy, -2 Target Hit Count

Only usable by SG, instead of three, only one target may be hit per shot. Firepower multiply also does not apply to skills. 

There are two big reasons why this is not the most widely used ammo in shotguns:

A] You can only hit 1 target per 1 shot.

By the time you use shotguns in-game you are facing large horde of opponents that are trying to swarm you. 

Shotguns' innate ability to hit 3 targets while also having the chance of knocking them back helps in not only killing them, but also pushing them away from hurting your own team.

Shotguns have very low accuracy to begin with and despite slugs giving accuracy bonuses they can still miss their shots. Also doesn't help that shotguns have to reload after emptying their small magazine.

B] Slug's firepower bonus usually do not stack with active offensive skills.

Some shotguns have extremely aggressive skill blasts engineered to kill and maim opponents. While it may seem to be a good idea to bump these firepower percentage based skills into overdrive with slugs, their damage calculation excludes x3 damage bonus from slugs. Skill descriptions may not say so, but they are not counted toward final damage.

In my knowledge there are only two shotguns that allow slug's x3 damage bonus to creep in their skill ability's damage: USAS-12 and Seele. Both of them are not using firepower numbers as a launchpad to throw skills but enhance their normal attack.

Why then, would you ever use slugs? This is very much up to debate.

In my case I have been using it in rare situations of very few targets on field and using shotguns against opponents which normally you wouldn't use shotgun classes to kill them (i.e. boss fights, armored units).

It is quite a satisfying sight to see heavy slugs tear armored units apart one by one.

The most promising shotgun to use slugs, however, is USAS-12. Not only does her skill strengthen her plain DPS, it also extends her own magazine size, giving a far better chance in case her shots miss.

It is strongly advised to have multiple shotgun dolls on hand to experiment yourself before fully committing to use slugs.

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