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Welcome to Part 2 of 4 equipment guide pages.

This page will go over the so-called special equipment that are custom made for specific dolls.

To avoid compatibility issues most of these are in JPG images.

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Unless specifically mentioned, all special equipment that drops from kill or clear will require S rank wins.

- M1903 Springfield: Match Grade Ammunition

A relic of 20th century, these international competition shooting match grade ammunition are tailored for Springfield rifle.

Substantial RoF boost is absolutely necessary to have Springfield pull herself up over her own weight.

Very high AP value is also nice to have when facing late game enemy units.

Dropped at 1-4N, either by clearing the stage or killing Manticore squad.

- M1918 BAR: Titan FCS Chip

Fire Control System Chip for a specific MG. For some reason the outlook feels strangely familiar.

Does that look like a certain graphic card manufactured by a company name starting with N? No, you are not alone.

At one point this was the only equipment that could extend the ammo count of MGs, giving BAR unchallenged superiority over all other MGs. Not anymore though, as we now have universal ammo boxes.

The max stat of this chip will have +1 ammo count bonus with -2 firepower and -1 RoF penalty over a max enhanced 5 star ammo box. Whether that single ammo count is worth the penalties is up to the player.

Dropped at 2-4N, either by clearing the stage or killing Dragoon squad.

- ST AR-15: .300 BLK High Velocity Ammunition

16Lab special built .300 Blackout high velocity rounds that are well suited to be used in conjunction with suppressors.

Be warned that ST AR-15's ammo slot opens up at level 80.

The tiny accuracy penalty is largely ignored as it can be easily offset by slapping on either an EOTech holographic sight or red dot sight.

Unbelievably high firepower bonus allows ST AR-15 to easily rise to the ranks of top grade AR dolls.

Dropped at 3-4N, either by clearing the stage or killing Manticore squad.

- MP5: GSG UX Exoskeleton

High performance exoskeleton custom calibrated for MP5 to push the limits of evasive manuevers.

Raising dodge much higher than normal T-type exoskeletons, this equipment finally allows MP5 to compete with other Forcefield skill SMGs (Thompson, G36C) by reinforcing dodge to cover up her low HP pool.

Dropped at 4-4N, either by clearing the stage or killing Manticore squad.

- Mosin Nagant: Hayha Memory Bank Chip

Memory bank chip that allows summoning the White Reaper (Simo Hayha) back into battlefield.

So, who is thinking of AMD now?

This data chip gives comically large offensive capabilities bonus.

A combination of firepower and critical hit damage not only grants Mosin Nagant performance well over a typical 4 star RF, but also niche clutch shots to saw down clear time of skill chip combat simulations.

Dropped at 5-4N, either by clearing the stage or killing Manticore squad.

- M16A1: Custom Exoskeletal Armor

Special exoskeletal armor prepared before being subdued by Sangvis Ferri, substantially improves the user's survivability but at the cost of heavily taxing both the body and the mind.

Classified as body armor, combining this with exoskeletons turns M16A1 into a true tanker.

Since the equipment itself also gives bonus to dodge, M16A1 becomes the only tanker type with a hybrid setup of medium dodge & medium armor.

Dropped at 6-4N, either by clearing the stage or killing Alchemist squad.

- AK47 & Type 56-1: KST Series Optics

Optical sight manufactured by KST before the war for AK series optical mounts with unparalleled accuracy.

The bastard child of Mica Team's first messy attempt of giving different rewards for different rank brackets on hidden stages, these are divided into three, each with slightly varying stats.

Added critical hit damage is quite nice to have and the top grade KSTSP pushes AK-47 and Type 56-1 upwards in terms of performance.

In following Mica Team's philosophy of shying away from excessively heated in-game competition, however, these rank reward optics are thankfully not as game changing as other equipment.

Hypothermia hidden stage rank reward brackets are the following:

Top 5% - Two KSTSP
Top 10% - One KSTSP, One KST1P8
Top 15% - Two KST1P8
Top 20% - One KST1P8, One KST1P7
Top 30% - Two KST1P7
Top 40% - One KST1P7

- UMP45 & UMP40 & UMP9: UMP UX Exoskeleton

Traditionally given to Tactical Dolls utilizing UMP firearms, these high mobility exoskeletons maximize evasive maneuver capability while preventing loss of fire control.

Essentially a T-type exoskeleton but with zero penalty and an added critical hit damage bonus.

While not game breaking, the critical hit bonus is best used by UMP40 thanks to her unique skill of boosting firepower.

Dropped in Deep Dive 2-3, 2-4, 3-2, 3-4, either by clearing the stage or killing Jupiter / Garm (Big Dog Destroyer) / Dragoon / Gaia (Grown-up Destroyer).

- 9A91: PKN03M Night Scope

Developed on demands of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the combination of x3 magnification and infrared targeting laser in this night scope helps 9A91 accurately take care of her targets in the dark.

As if 9A91 wasn't already good on night ops, combining firepower boost with 100% night time penalty reduction allows 9A91 to de-throne and kick down lots of top contenders.

Note that players can still equip high velocity rounds just fine and firepower boost of +8 is not to be taken lightly when 9A91's max skill gives herself 180% firepower.

Single unit was given to top 40% players of Deep Dive hidden stage clear rank.

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