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A brief mini-guide on farming exclusive drops on 6-4E stage, this guide requires the player to have the following:

1) Level 10 max skilled Parachute fairy.
2) Strong combat squad capable of successfully killing and surviving from multiple Chapter 6 Emergency minion squads and Alchemist bosses.
3) Second combat squad capable of handling a few minion squads or friend squads of same capacity.

#1 is crucial and without it you would be better off following your own creative route of killing bosses.

Before beginning on detailed walkthrough, here is the TL;DR (too long; didn't read!) compact 1 image that shows you the entire route:

Ready for some more text? Continue reading ahead.

Here is my squad setup I have used to write this mini-guide:

-- Squad 1 --

Just about any single doll will do as long as level 10 skill parachute fairy is in there.

This squad will not be fighting anyone and only be used to secure helipad and enemy HQ.

-- Squad 2 --

Chapter 6 boss Alchemist can be killed before she inflicts significant damage with her skill as long as your squads have strong enough overall firepower.

Do note that this squad will be fighting nonstop only to resupply once before diving for 4 boss kills and as such needs to consider a good degree of endurance in squad design.

-- Squad 3 --

A third squad that is capable of defending HQ and slapping away 2~4 non-boss squads is also required but it can be substituted with a friend squad.

In this guide I've used friend squad but I will have to bring my own once I deplete the daily friend squad summon limit of 20 times.

--- Turn 0 ---

Take a quick look at the field.

This guide will focus on killing 4 Alchemists on North West and then ending the level by occupying enemy HQ.

--- Turn 1 ---

Summon the dummy squad that has Parachute fairy. A max skilled one can cover ridiculously long distances.

Send this squad to the neutral empty helipad on far side of South East.

Once you've sent your parachute squad, summon your defense squad at friendly HQ and move up a tile.

It can be your own dolls or a friend squad but if it is friend's, make sure it is set to either occupy HQ or seek & destroy as it will need to stop enemy units from getting an automatic occupy win by sitting a tile away.

Leave your parachute squad on that tile so that it can capture that neutral helipad.

--- Turn 2 ---

Move your parachute squad up and then summon your main kill squad at newly captured helipad.

Once you've done that have the two squads swap their places.

After swapping places move your kill squad up a tile.

Your HQ defense squad doesn't need to move anymore as long as it is one tile above HQ.

--- Turn 3 ---

Move your parachute squad toward enemy HQ by 2 tiles.

Move your kill squad 2 tiles North toward the hostile helipad.

--- Turn 4 ---

This is your only chance to resupply your kill squad! Make sure they have ammo and MRE before they go.

Move your kill squad 5 tiles following the shown white arrow trail, killing 3 Alchemists in the process.

There is theoretically a very small chance it will run out of ammo from too much encounters but it is highly unlikely to happen.

In this picture I've summoned an extra friend squad on the helipad I've just left as a precaution but I have yet to see hostiles try to capture my helipad. I think it's safe to say this was an unnecessary step. 

--- Turn 5 ---

Finish the tour of killing 4 bosses by marching toward North West corner.

Once that is done move your parachute squad to enemy base and capture it, ending the level.

By this method you will usually not meet the requirement of S-ranking stage clear due to lack of enemy kills and end up with an A rank.

However, our focus here is to get as many chances as possible to gain limited drop here and I believe simply having 4 boss kills is much better resource-wise than brute forcing an entire S-rank clear.

Have fun farming, and good luck!

People usually get their desired limited drop at 100 tries but this may be shortened since we are killing 4 bosses here.

* Master Index Page: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507


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