2017-10-30 Halloween Bingo Event Chart - Guides

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When you are looking up which quest you've received, try scanning for numbers first and work down from there.

While it may be a bit difficult to see through the text, I'm sure you will begin to see specific keywords.

And remember, you will get a few more quests when you complete your daily bingo quests!

Please click the image to view it in its original larger size.

This Bingo event has a significantly higher difficulty hurdle over the previous Bingo event. Well, let's just say the last one had a very generous and lax tone intended on giving players many bonuses and freebies.

Thankfully no condition this time requiring you to face the infamous IDW.

Some notes of caution:

* Stage clears: While I haven't experimented myself enough, at previous events like these campaign mode stage clears did not contribute toward progress so I'd advise to use normal story line stages instead.
* Using friend squads: Summoning the now newly added NPC support squad will not count toward the progress.
* Obtaining combat reports: The creating process needs to finish and you have to receive the disks in order to gain progress. Beginning to build them before the end of day will not work!

* IMPORTANT: Don't be lazy and give up on finishing bingo quests once you've completed everything. Bingo tickets later turn into calibration tickets at the end of the event, and these tickets are consumed extremely fast once players delve into calibrating stuff. Keep going!


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