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Welcome to Part 3 of 4 equipment guide pages.

This page will cover an easier to read chart of what level T-dolls can use certain equipment and which ones are commonly used over others.

To avoid compatibility issues most of these are in JPG images.

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Exoskeleton: T-types (Main Tank) > X-types (Off-Tank / DPS)

Attachments: Suppressor (Main Tank) > Holographic Sight (Damage Grenade) > Red Dot Sight (SR-3MP, SCW)

* AR

Attachments: Telescopic Sight (Daytime Ops) > Laser Target Pointer (Night Ops)

Exoskeletons: X-types

* RF

Attachments: Telescopic Sight

* HG

Attachments: Suppressor > Laser Target Pointer (Night Ops, when DPS is needed)

Exoskeletons: T-type (Tank) > X-type (Night Ops, pea shooters)

* MG

Attachments: Red Dot Sight (Low accuracy MGs) > Holographic Sight (Med-High accuracy MGs) > Telescopic Sight (High accuracy MGs or zero dodge enemy exclusive)

What counts as high enough accuracy for MGs? I try to use the magic number of 35. While still not enough to mow down nimble dodging Scouts, in my experience it has been good for all others.

* SG

Ammunition: Buckshot > Slug (Extreme niche usage)

Attachments: Red Dot Sight > Holographic Sight (Maximum damage boost to high yield skill shots) > Telescopic Sight (Gambling critical hit on skill shots at cost of accuracy)

---- Special T-Dolls that have different equipment slots ----


Attachments: Telescopic Sight & Holographic Sight combo (Daytime) > Telescopic Sight & Laser Target Pointer (Night Ops)

Instead of ARs having 3rd equipment slot use exoskeletons, ST AR-15 and M4 SOPMOD II enjoys having two accessory slots. This grants them explosive damage dealing potential with highly upgraded gears.

* M16A1

* External Parts: Body Armor (or M16A1's special equipment) & T-type exoskeleton

Despite falling under the classification of ARs, M16A1 acts like a hybrid AR-SMG tanker that can also use body armor. Place M16A1 in the front alongside the main SMG tank to fully utilize her stun grenades while soaking up damage with armor.

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