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Welcome to Part 1 of 4 equipment guide pages.

This specific page has tightly condensed overview over different types of equipment as well as their bonuses, penalties, and dolls allowed to use them.

Feel free to head over to parts 2~4 once you're done reading here.

To avoid compatibility issues most of these are in JPG images.

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Generally speaking, equipment fall under one of the three major categories:

+ Attachments: Optics / Suppressor / PEQ Laser Sight
+ Ammunition: All ammo types
+ Doll Equipment: Exoskeletons / Body Armor / Extended Ammo Box / Camouflage Cape

Almost all dolls will have one of each categories. Some will be unlocked at an earlier level while some will have to wait until level 80.

* Optics

* Exoskeletons

* Ammunition

[Armor Piercing rounds are normally only usable by RFs and MGs with the exception of C-MS (SMG), 6P62 (AR) and Contender (HG)]

* Laser Target Pointer

* Suppressor

* Body Armor

[Body Armor is normally only allowed on SGs with the exception of M16A1(AR)]

* Camouflage Cape

* Extended Ammo Box

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