(KR Server) 2017-10-14 Point Event Chart - Guides

The KR server's 2017 October Golden Moon point event chart.

It is largely the same with the one run on mainland CN server, but with one big difference:


<< Quest of using furniture coins is in Week 3, not Week 1 !! >>

Week 1 instead has S rank clears in its place.

KR server had this change probably because the last Skin/Furniture gacha season ended right before the point event started. Considering this it is likely KR server will have a new gacha season somewhere between Week 2 and Week 3.

Be wary that Week 2 and Week 3's mystery stages are night ops, not daytime normal stages!

* Disclaimer: While Longcheng (the Taiwanese publisher taking care of Korean server) seems to be keen on closely following Chinese server's events, there can be small differences like this. Be careful and do not assume everything to be 100% same on future events.
* Due to this, there is still a small chance that Week 2 and Week 3's quest conditions may change. Stay tuned!

* Master Index page: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507


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