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A guide on Sangvis Ferri non-boss enemy units encountered in the game.


* The primary goal of this guide is to have players recognize the core differences between enemy types.

* All stats are based on level 100 unless specific stages are mentioned.
* Early stages will obviously have these with much lower numbers.

* The lower the XP income penalty level of stages, the lower the stat numbers of enemy units.
* No XP penalty until doll level 100 begins at 7-6 (normal), 6-4E (emergency), and 4-3N (night ops).

--- Humanoids -

- Ripper

The most basic cannon fodder in similar position of player's SMG dolls. 

- Vespid

Corresponding player's AR dolls, Vespids later become much more dangerous than before with a large increase in firepower, albeit with the cost of less than half of HP.

While they may not have the high accuracy of Jaegers, Vespids can overwhelm your units unless you have SMGs dodging their shots in the front.

- Jaeger

Mirroring player's RF dolls, Jaegers will often be the most dangerous humanoid enemy unit encountered throughout player's career. Armed with deadly accuracy and range, Jaegers can be found taking potshots behind the cover of fellow brethren. 

Players are strongly advised to have a back row shooting RF in their squads to counter-snipe them until they obtain enough firepower to punch through all sorts of enemy units standing in front of Jaegers.

Note that their later skyrocketing accuracy is the sole big reason that led to the decline in usage of SMG dolls going all-in and overly relying on dodge stat to tank for friendly squad.

- Guard

Best described as tankers and damage sponges, Guards will absorb enormous amount of damage before being killed.

Since Guards are always paired with other damage dealers, it is vital to either kill tankers quick enough or shoot back row before friendly forces are whacked with impunity.

Some players choose to use MG squads to deal with them on later stages as such setup can cram enough damage in to neutralize Guards fast enough.

- Dragoon

Riding on heavily armed mechs, Dragoons can and will rip apart poorly prepared friendly squads.

While they may not pose much danger early in the game, the late game versions have considerably high accuracy and speed to close in and hurt friendly units. Due to their fast approaching speed players are ill-advised in using slow-firing RFs to kill them.

Tanking against Dragoons is where SGs begin to shine thanks to its armor, as it is surprisingly easy to decrease Dragoon's attacks down to 1 damage.

Dragoons found on 6-4E are special. The ones at there may not have links, but each of them are one man terminators. Caution is advised.

- Brute

Sangvis Ferri's solution to players using SG dolls to tank incoming damage with laughable numbers, Brutes were specifically designed to defeat friendly shotgun dolls with fast movement speed and high armor penetration value.

Because Brute's attacks will ignore shotguns' armor and chew through them with no problem, a normal squad with SMGs tanking for the team is the counter-solution due to Brute's abysmally low accuracy. Handguns in MG squads can also be used to tank them in a pinch.

- Striker

Equivalent of MG dolls, Strikers are commonly seen paired with Guards and begin to show up from roughly the same area as Brutes.

While Strikers are supposed to be menacing and fearful with its highest rate of fire, ironically by the time many players encounter these they will be very much prepared and equipped to overcome them without much difficulty.

Such perception is assuming that friendly squads are strong enough to deal with hordes of Guards tanking for Strikers, and as such, Strikers are equally dangerous as high level Jaegers in the long run.

--- Mechanical -

- Practice Drone

Practice drones are only encountered as enemy on 1-1 that also acts as the tutorial stage.

Outside of combat, they are seen in data collection simulations and players will be tasked with killing them as fast as possible for higher rewards of skill chips. 

The most commonly seen setup are 4MG 1HG squads; if MGs are not available, players will have to scramble dolls with the highest DPS.

- Prowler

The first real enemy encountered in the game, Prowlers are not much of significance. Their low dodge means they can still be killed easily even on night ops without PEQ laser pointers.

- Scout

Scouts do not look threatening at first sight. But they will turn into a new form headache later on by dodging a lot of friendly bullets.

Unlike Guards that rely on thousands of HP, Scouts later turn into dodge tanks and neutralize friendly damage dealers that have mediocre accuracy, sometimes even giving ARs a hard time to hit them. These artful dodgers are also a bane of MGs as they have naturally low accuracy.

The most common solution to this is to use explosives. Grenades do not miss and also deal splash damage to other targets around it, giving a rise to the prevalence of grenade throwing SMGs. ARs with grenade launchers also work, albeit with longer initial skill cooldown. 

- Dinergate

Dinergate's iconic cute appearance may fool some, but these are not to be taken lightly, especially when met at later stages.

The best word describing them would be wolf packs. And they sure live up to that by literally being found in clustered groups of hundreds.

An attempt to deal with them using RFs will result in suicidal outcomes. Anything that shoots fast is mandatory.

- Jaguar

Mobile artillery units, Jaguars utilize extremely long range indirect fire by marking which tile it will hit with an orange marker.

Any doll standing on that tile are guaranteed to be hit and take damage, and the only way to avoid being struck is to physically move friendly dolls away from the tile. Or even better, kill Jaguars before they launch its shells.

Jaguars experience substantial jump start in damage dealing capacity on later stages and will become a priority kill target.

The orange markers are the same visual clues used by boss units throwing out indirect fire skills. Players would do well to remember the looks of such visual warnings.

- Jupiter

Only found so far on event stages and Stage 6 night ops, by in-game lore these railguns are said to match the firepower of conventional military artillery pieces, more than enough to pound tactical dolls into ashes.

Jupiters are found in either of two states:

1) Fully functional
Jupiter cannon will deal fast firing massive splash damage, damaging everything within a full tile next to its target.

2) Powered down
Encountered after surrounding and capturing the tiles around where Jupiters are installed, the cannon cannot fire its main guns and will only shoot weak single-target machine gun bursts.

State #1 has enough firepower to kill its first target within seconds and more if given enough time. State #2 is what players are looking for to punch through.

There will be, however, situations that require Jupiter to be dealt at State #1, such as forcibly opening a new shortcut or being funneled into beating a single turret rather than a battery of multiple Jupiters. If this is the case the first friendly doll being targeted must be separated from its peers by a full tile to prevent collateral damage.

- Golyat

Only encountered during Deep Dive event stages, Golyats, or commonly just called as bombs as they are indeed walking bombs like something seen in Pacman-style games, were designed to be either a heavy blockade unit or an instant killing zone.

When a Golyat touches friendly unit and is given a brief priming time, all friendly dolls in the squad will either be immediately turned into heavily damaged state regardless of HP, or if already half-dead, will be killed to 0 HP.

Black Golyats can be killed just fine with enough firepower but the red ones were supposed to be un-killable moving death traps completely blocking player movement. Or so Mica team thought. Players eventually found ways to bypass them by using either Thompson or G36C with their invulnerable forcefield skills. Nevertheless, one should try to avoid them whenever possible.

--- Armored -

* Note: All units listed here have armor! Players are urged to use MGs and RFs equipped with armor piercing rounds.

- Aegis

Aegis has the same role of Guards. Approach, absorb damage for other units hiding behind.

- Nemeum

Nemeum has the same role of Jaegers. Make no mistake, however, as these cannons have almost twice the firepower of Jaegers and players will feel the hurt when hit from them.

Since Nemeums have an even slower rate of fire than Jaegers, some players opt to kite them by intentionally dragging a tanker to front row and immediately dropping back when Nemeum stops to take aim, effectively saving players time and HP from a single salvo.

- Manticore

Manticores are usually the player's first armored enemy unit that poses significant challenge.

Literally a walking tank, it combines the characteristics of Dragoon, Striker, and Guard all in one with big HP and excellent damage application.

One should also note that Manticores are the only armored unit with more than zero dodge stat and be prepared to see shots miss. Interestingly, combining that with Manticores not really having that much of armor, AR squads equipped with PEQ laser sights can be used to kill them reliably, though players are still advised to begin tackling Manticores first with RFs or MGs and then experimenting with other squads.

- Tarantula

The horror incarnate on night ops, these are essentially Dinergate units with armor. Tarantulas are almost always found in huge wolf packs and will certainly kill unprepared friendly squads.

Players are highly advised to use MGs with armor piercing rounds, as RFs shoot too slow, and anything else will have trouble killing them fast enough through their armor.

An alternative is to use air strike fairy since Tarantulas have naturally low HP.


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