2020 New daily & weekly tasks - Guides

Spreadsheet file also available for public use: new_tasks.xlsx

2020 March saw daily and weekly tasks revamped in accordance to the newly introduced enemy unit capture system. A lot of annoying long chains of tasks were removed.

I forgot to mention that HOC sample tasks have been slightly changed to merge humanoid and mechanical kill tasks into one.

The primary reward items of interest, gacha tokens, hasn't changed if you do all tasks. Two new items were introduced as well and it'd be of best interest that players don't use them immediately.

This rework is actually applicable to the newer EN and JP servers as long as tasks and rewards related to enemy capture are removed.

Original datamine & compilation by 에무1918, fetched from the following two posts: https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=micateam&no=1462027 and https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=micateam&no=1462084

2020-JAN-25 SPP-1 CNY Point Event - Guides

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2020 Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year, for that matter) is here and SPP-1 gets a new costume.

The task themselves remain virtually unchanged except the swapped in Ammo spending task compared to the previous point event. 

Folks have been saving up resources for the general rate up of everything instead of running ranked stage of Polarized Light event for serious business. Expect a flood of new ranked stage runners once the spent resources are recouped.

HOC facilities megasheet - Guides

Sheet last updated on 2020-JAN-08.

You can download the excel spreadsheet file as well: facilities_chart.xlsx

I've compiled everything about HOC facilities along with useful info bits in one gigantic 1308x2189 pixel of GIF image. This should answer practically all questions about HOC facilities.

Feel free to use the whole image for your own good or scroll down for it cut into 3 pieces for better portability. Whatever you do, DO NOT cutoff the comments I've put below the chart blocks. They will save you a million keystrokes from questions.

Page 1-

Page 2-

Page 3-

2019-AUG-24 G36 Yukata Costume Point Event - Guides

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G36 gets another "free" costume! She has quite a large wardrobe of costumes but thankfully it's got a rather healthy % of practically freely given ones.

As with the general trend of point events lately, the tasks are still quite easy, mostly from the dev's policy change of running point events in parallel with other active current events.

Pet station chart - Guides

Rescue station, otherwise known as pet station, is a facility among dorms where players can adopt stray pets that wander into their base.

Pets up for adoption rotates on a 3 day cycle unless the player adopts one, which will then be temporarily shortened to 1 day.

Normally pets aren't quite worth their hefty 600 batteries (or 600 gems) price tag as they need roughly 600 days until the increased comfort when deployed in dorms pay off the cost.

This won't, of course, stop pet lovers from adopting them when they have spare batteries. Pets are an excellent dormitory decoration item as well.

The whole paradigm of pet costs are however changing in older servers soon. Players will be sending dolls out in expeditions into random terrain (urban zones, snowy plains, forests, and wastelands) and pets may be sent along with them to aid in their scavenging search.

Enough talk, let's go over the pet station costs and unlocks. I've crammed everything in one image so that folks can pass around just this one if needed:

Click to get a bigger view!

It takes 2955 batteries to fully upgrade one category of pet housing and 4435 batteries for full upgrade of work bench, total of whopping 16,255 batteries for full upgrade of rescue station facility. 30,055 if including cost to adopt all pets.

Below is a full visual list of adoptable pets:

--- Dogs:

--- Cats:

--- Birds:

--- Misc pets:

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