Squad level recommendation for AW stages - Guides

This is a quick reference page showing you the combat squads I've used to clear AW stages.

The idea is to show you that you don't honestly need the best available dolls for clearing all stages.

You won't see me use any of the protagonist AR squad as I'm not a dupe gamer and I shouldn't use MOD3 dolls as reference.

All of these squad composition screenshots are included in their respective stage walkthroughs.

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These squads were necessary for...

AW Chapter 1: Single 70+ AR squad

AW Chapter 2: Single 70+ night AR squad, single 70+ night RF squad, single 90+ night AR squad for 2-4

AW Chapter 3: Single 90+ night AR squad, single 90+ night RF squad, two 90+ day AR squads, single 90+ day RF squad

In short, you can clear all the way up till AW 3-4 with two 90+ AR squads and one 90+ RF squad.

Below are screenshots and specific dolls I've used.

From AW 1-1 till 1-3:

Avg. level 40+, Galil, F2000, FN-49, Spectre M4, Type 64

For AW 1-4:

Avg. level 70+, L85A1, ARX-160, Super SASS, m45, M3 Grease Gun

For AW 2-1 till 2-3:

Avg. level 70+, L85A1, ARX-160, MT-9, M3 Grease Gun, M1911

For AW 2-1 till 2-4:

Avg. 70+, Super SASS, M21, Makarov, P7, m45

For AW 2-4:

Avg. 90+, FNC, OTs-12, Thompson, Skorpion, Grizzly

For AW 3-1 till 3-2:

Avg. 90+, HK416, 9A-91, RO635, Vector, Grizzly

For AW 3-1 till 3-3:

Avg. 90+, Kar98k, Springfield, Welrod Mk II, M950A Calico, Stechkin

For AW 3-3 till 3-4:

Avg. 90+, HK416, RFB, FNC, G36C, Vector

For AW 3-3:

Avg. 90+, Zas M21, TAR-21, OTs-12, Ingram MAC-10, PPS-43


For AW 3-4:

Avg. 90+, SVD, WA2000, Welrod Mk II, M950A Calico, Stechkin

For AW 3-4:

Avg. 90+: Zas M21, G41, OTs-12, RO635, Z-62

AW 3-4 Walkthrough - Guides

tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of https://gf.underseaworld.net for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 3-4 !

Finally at the last stage of AW chapter 3.

Once again you are fighting Architect, but this time with multiple Gagers acting as middle bosses.

Eastern portion of the stage will be abandoned as it is a much longer winding path than the Western one.

Total of four squads will be used in this guide including a single dummy squad.

Squad 1 will be your strongest do-everything AR team.

Primarily here for killing Architect, be prepared to kill minions as well.

It's possible to offload most of the burden by sending in your 2nd AR squad to kill easier enemies.

Squad 2 is a typical DPS RF squad for base defense.

You can use just about any squad type you like.

Squad 3 is a second AR team that is at least capable of killing one Gager.

A stronger squad 3 can help share the burden on squad 1 if properly used.

Squad 4 is a dummy squad for movement points.

Begin turn 0 by summoning squad 4 (dummy) on the far Northeast helipad and squad 1 on HQ.

Immediately after turn 1 begins, retreat squad 4 off from that helipad.

We'll need to put them on the field again on HQ.

Move squad 1 three tiles South.

Summon squad 4 (dummy) on HQ before you end your turn.

On turn 2, depending on RNG you may or may not have the far East helipad overrun.

This place is a dead weight and will be ignored.

Move squad 1 one tile South and bring squad 4 down two tiles South.

On turn 3, move squads 1 & 4 one tile East each then summon squad 2 (base defense) on HQ.

On turn 4, blast the now weakened Jupiter then grab supplies off the opened helipad.

Send squad 1 all the way down Southeast toward first boss (Gager).

Remember, spread out dolls in a X shaped formation.

On turn 5, send squad 1 over two tiles East.

There's actually a neutral node over the one way road so it's still possible to capture the helipad without bringing a 2nd squad.

Squad 4 (dummy)'s job is done here from now on and shall stand still silently giving movement point boosts.

On turn 6, resupply / repair squad 1 and run up North three tiles.

Summon squad 3 (2nd AR) team from the helipad and have it follow squad 1.

On turn 7, send squad 1 out on a helipad clearing mission (or have squad 3 do it, your choice).

You'll be resupplying and repairing everyone before the final push into the last boss so blast away.

End your turn by positioning squads 1 and 3 on tiles to capture the helipad.

On turn 8, send squad 3 first to clear the way for squad 1 to Architect, fighting Gager on the way.

Have squad 1 follow behind later.

On turn 9, it's finally time to kill Architect.

She brings an escort of whopping 16 RFs.

Make your choice on how you want to initially spread out your dolls.

Try a double column like the one above if you want to avoid Architect nuking everyone with a central hit by her 3rd nuke.

And that, was AW 3-4 !

How did it feel to clear through all the day and night battles?

Hope you've at least enjoyed the break from monotony of ordinary stages.

Your journey does not end here though as fully clearing AW 3-4 will unlock the ranked stage if AW is a currently running active event for you.

Go out there and compete against other players with the highest top score!

Sorry, no re-runs of ranked stages when it's in Campaign mode.

AW 3-3 Walkthrough - Guides

tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of https://gf.underseaworld.net for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 3-3 !

AW 3-3 is when you seriously begin to see the need to use three combat squads.

This guide will use a total of 4 squads including one dummy.

Squad 1 is your primary AR team.

Try to bring a setup with long endurance, lots of HP and some dodge bonus from ARs.

This idea can be ignored if you bring in a 4th combat squad to tag along squad 1 instead of a dummy.

Having a damage grenade SMG also helps tremendously due to high density of mobs.

Squad 2 is your 2nd AR team.

The route where this squad is going has a very high chance of encounters with Brutes (armor piercing swords), so I would advise against bringing a MG squad for this role.

Squad 3 is the base defense squad.

I find it perfectly acceptable to bring in the RF squad you've been using to kill armored enemies in AW.

And finally, squad 4 is a handgun dummy for movement points.

You cannot directly send your dolls to stand on enemy HQ to capture it.

Instead you will be sending squads to capture the two tiles surrounding their HQ so that it is in turn surround captured later.

Begin turn 0 by summoning squad 1 and sending it Southeast one tile.

Call in squad 2 from HQ and end turn.

You'll be repeating this until all 4 squads are deployed.

Same deal on turn 2, bring in squad 3.

And finally, squad 4 on turn 3. Don't forget to swap squads 3 & 4 positions!

On turn 4, send squads 1 & 2 two tiles East and then squad 4 one tile towards them.

Capture that helipad!

On turn 5, resupply squads 1 & 2 by swapping positions.

Send squad 4 Southeast two tiles, swapping position with squad 2.

Send squad 1 Southwest two tiles and have squad 4 following behind them.

Move squad 2 back Southeast one tile and end turn.

On turn 6 move squad 1 up Northwest two tiles, again with squad 4 following closely.

Meanwhile send squad 2 up North just one tile.

You'll have 1 movement point left. It's okay, end your turn.

On turn 7 squad 1 will kill the now weakened Jupiter next to it then resupply at there, also repairing when necessary.

After that rush toward the Northwest helipad.

This is to stop it from spawning additional enemies.

Finally, send squad 2 Northwest one tile and end turn.

On turn 8, squad 2 will do the same of what squad 1 did previously.

Kill the powered down Jupiter, resupply, and then head out.

This time though, stop before the helipad. You need to capture the tiles but squad 2 is alone out there.

Move squad 3 (base defense) up North one tile.

If for some reason there is still an enemy unit standing on West of friendly HQ, kill it first before doing this.

Finally, move squad 4 (dummy) up Northwest two tiles.

On turn 9, move up squad 1 towards enemy HQ and have squad 4 right behind them to capture the tiles.

Squad 2 will advance one tile to capture the hostile helipad. End your turn.

On turn 10, finish the capturing process by sending squad 2 one tile ahead.

Even though it's your 10th turn, the enemy HQ will be captured on enemy's 10th turn.

What a long winded path!

It's theoretically possible to clear here with only two combat squads but every single person I've met who did this experienced massive amount of mental trauma and a possibly accelerated receding hairline.

March onto the final stage in AW, 3-4!

AW 3-2 Walkthrough - Guides

tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of https://gf.underseaworld.net for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 3-2 !

AW 3-2 is the last night stage of Arctic Warfare. The light at the end of the tunnel is near here!

Total of 3~4 squads are used in this short guide including 1~2 dummies.

Squad 1 - Night AR

Squad 2 - Night RF

Squad 3 - Dummy

Squad 4 - Dummy (optional)

Begin turn 0 by spawning squad 2 and sending them Southwest one tile on turn 1.

Spawn squad 1 on helipad and end turn.

On turn 2, send both squads 1 & 2 one tile West and bring in squad 3 on helipad.

On turn 3, send both squads 1 & 2 up Northeast 2 tiles each.

You may want to use an RF squad to kill the sniper gang for easier kills.

On turn 4, resupply squad 2 on supply crate.

It's time to search for passable nodes. Send your squads to capture the radar site.

There shouldn't be armored enemies once you go past the first white star, so send squad 1 first.

You may opt to send squad 1 solo or bring squad 2 together to capture helipads, but in any case, make good use of supply crates.

When squad 1 makes it past the second group of white stars, it should have at least 3 stacks of ammo left before making a run to the HQ.

You will be making two or three enemy contacts on your way to HQ in this segment.

Well, that was easy, right?

Hope you enjoyed the rest, AW 3-3 is beginning to get interesting!

AW 3-1 Walkthrough - Guides

tl;dr map above. // Much thanks to the admin of https://gf.underseaworld.net for the maps. You're awesome!

Welcome to AW 3-1 !

AW Chapter 3 is the big boys area generally expecting you to field 90+ squads.

AW 3-1 and AW 3-2 continues to be night stages.

This AW 3-1 guide will assume a total of 3~4 squads, including 1~2 dummies.

Squad 1 is a 90+ level night AR team.

Squad 2 is a 90+ level night RF team.

Squad 3 is a dummy.

Squad 4 is a dummy as well. 4th squad is optional and is up to you whether you're going to use one.

Start turn 0 by summoning squad 2 and moving it over one tile to Northwest.

End turn after deploying squad 1.

On turn 2 send both squads one tile East then summon squad 3 on helipad.

On turn 3 pick a path to go depending on what you see ahead.

Same drill for yellow CE Jupiters. Make sure your main tank doesn't spread the splash damage.

In this run I've chosen the far right path.

On turn 4, capture helipads on the way before you go.

But be wary of running your AR team into armored enemies.

You should be able to brute force them without crippling difficulty if you are careful, however.

On turn 5, it's time to choose where to go.

Generally speaking, it's worth checking out the far East path first.

...except when the RNG machine laughs at you for your futile effort.

Time to turn around!

Capture the radar site for seeing what's ahead.

Bingo, empty node.

Before you move too much, stop your night AR team on top of a helipad so that they can be resupplied.

Run to enemy HQ for victory.

AW 3-1 is surprisingly easy compared to what you've went through on AW 2-4.

The devs must be trying to give you a break after all the hard work.

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