2019-AUG-24 G36 Yukata Costume Point Event - Guides

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G36 gets another "free" costume! She has quite a large wardrobe of costumes but thankfully it's got a rather healthy % of practically freely given ones.

As with the general trend of point events lately, the tasks are still quite easy, mostly from the dev's policy change of running point events in parallel with other active current events.

Pet station chart - Guides

Rescue station, otherwise known as pet station, is a facility among dorms where players can adopt stray pets that wander into their base.

Pets up for adoption rotates on a 3 day cycle unless the player adopts one, which will then be temporarily shortened to 1 day.

Normally pets aren't quite worth their hefty 600 batteries (or 600 gems) price tag as they need roughly 600 days until the increased comfort when deployed in dorms pay off the cost.

This won't, of course, stop pet lovers from adopting them when they have spare batteries. Pets are an excellent dormitory decoration item as well.

The whole paradigm of pet costs are however changing in older servers soon. Players will be sending dolls out in expeditions into random terrain (urban zones, snowy plains, forests, and wastelands) and pets may be sent along with them to aid in their scavenging search.

Enough talk, let's go over the pet station costs and unlocks. I've crammed everything in one image so that folks can pass around just this one if needed:

Click to get a bigger view!

It takes 2955 batteries to fully upgrade one category of pet housing and 4435 batteries for full upgrade of work bench, total of whopping 16,255 batteries for full upgrade of rescue station facility. 30,055 if including cost to adopt all pets.

Below is a full visual list of adoptable pets:

--- Dogs:

--- Cats:

--- Birds:

--- Misc pets:

2019-05-13 3rd Anniversary Point Event (Blaser R93) - Guides

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Version number 1.1: Wrong task info on Week 2 changed.

Girls' Frontline has reached its 3rd year anniversary! Woohoo!

They say that crappy mobile games die before reaching its 2nd anniversary. Looks like GFL doesn't fall under that same category!

The 3rd anniversary event, which is actually close to 2nd anni for TW and KR, has three special rewards:

3rd anniversary HK416 icon (it's really a Continuum Turbulence background crop), Blaser R93 (5 star RF, drawn by ASK, also behind OTs-14), and 3rd anniversary furniture.

Have a look of Blaser R93 at: https://imgur.com/a/gp5e1ku

Gacha coin task on week 2 signals 3rd anniversary costume gacha on that period as well.

Good luck and have fun!

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507

2019-04-13 Post-Theater Survey - Translation

Survey for first iteration of Theater event is up!

All survey participants are expected to receive 1k of 4 resource types at a later maintenance.

Q1. How far did you progress in this theater event?
a. Did not participate
b. Only cleared through normal stages
c. Only entered core stages but did not finish till end (i.e. core 8 Judge fight)
d. Cleared everything

Q2. Give overall rating of this theater event (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
a. 1 ~ e. 5

Q3. Give rating on difficulty division of standard stages (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
a. 1 ~ e. 5

Q4. Give rating on recon system (AKA bitcoin gamble) (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
a. 1 ~ e. 5

Q5. Did you use HOCs in this event?
a. Yes - Proceed to Q6
b. No - Skip to Q8

Q6. How well did HOCs work in this event? (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
a. 1 ~ e. 5

Q7. Which HOC worked best?
a. They all did well
b~f. Pick name of specific HOC
g. They all sucked

Q8. Give rating on setting bonused dolls (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
a. 1 ~ e. 5

Q9. Should we put in more bonused dolls per area?
a. Yes
b. No
c. I don't care

Q10. Should we make bonused doll change intervals faster?
a. Yes
b. No
c. I don't care

Q11. Give rating on difficulty level of core stage enemies (these were 2nd page of stages)
a. Totally unbeatable ~ e. Too easy

Q12. Give rating on difficulty level of standard (advanced) stage enemies
a. Totally unbeatable ~ e. Too easy
f. I couldn't even reach standard (advanced)

Q13. Give rating on difficulty level of standard (intermediate) stage enemies
a. Totally unbeatable ~ e. Too easy
f. I couldn't even reach standard (intermediate)

Q14. Give rating on difficulty level of standard (basic) stage enemies
a. Totally unbeatable ~ e. Too easy
f. I couldn't even reach standard (basic)

Q15. How was the difficulty curve?
a. Too big of a spike ~ e. Boring easy climb

Q16. Where were you stuck spending most of your time in this event?
a. Forming squads
b. 10 non-stop battles
c. Enhancing equipment
d. Toying around with bonused dolls

Q17. Which part did you enjoy the most with this event? (can pick multiple)
a. Difficult enemies keep my barrel hot
b. Various enemies allow me to check my overall preparedness
c. Boss fight's visual effects were great
d. Superb event reward

Q18. How much of your daily free time were suck into this event?
a. Had to dump in too much time ~ e. It ends really quick

Q19. How would we improve daily fights?
a. Keep twice per day limit, reduce enemy waves
b. Keep waves, reduce daily fight limit
c. Stop asking me to do this everyday
d. Keep twice per day limit, increase enemy waves
e. Keep waves, increase daily fight limit
f. No comment

Q20. How should we adjust score weightings? (can pick multiple)
a. Increase fight score's weight and increase difference from preparedness
b. Increase recon score's weight and increase the thrill factor
c. Increase bonused doll's weight
d. Put in more elements like fairy command scores and introduce various ways to win
e. No comment

Q21. What can be improved with this theater event? (can pick multiple)
a. Lack of hints of enemy unit's special properties (i.e. 100% shield)
b. Randomness of enemy composition is a wreck and same type comes out too often
c. Recon's luck/gamble factor is making me sick
d. Co-op factor was almost non-existent, is this really a co-op content
e. Selecting HOC/fairy support needs work (i.e. keep forgetting to use them)
f. Event's overall speed is too fast

Q22. What is your commander level?
a. 150+ ~ d. Under 60

Q23. How old are you?
a. Under 12 ~ f. 41+

Q24. What is your gender?
a. Male
b. Female

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507

2019-04-13 (CN) PM-9 Bingo Event - Guides

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Bingo event returns to CN servers!

PM-9 really makes you think twice if not thrice of its field effectiveness, but hey, free event doll is a free event doll.

For those who want the raw text dump, you can refer to below:

First Letter: unique ones
Full Text Meaning
以S评价完成10场战鬥 10 S rank battle wins
申请好友1次 Send 1 friend request 
任意关卡完成自律作战1次 Run 1 auto-mission
First Letter: 在
Full Text Meaning
在任意关卡或战鬥中累计救援任意人形5个 Rescue 5 dolls during combat
在後勤支援完成的情况下累计後勤12小时 Accumulate 12 hours of logistics
First Letter: 战 
Full Text Meaning
战鬥胜利情况下挑战任意普通战役3次 Clear 3 normal missions
战鬥胜利情况下挑战任意夜战战役1次 Clear 1 night mission
战鬥胜利情况下挑战任意紧急战役2次 Clear 2 emergency missions
战鬥胜利情况下消灭5个BOSS Kill 5 bosses
战鬥胜利情况下消灭10个装甲机械铁血兵 Kill 10 armored mechanic SF units
战鬥胜利情况下消灭20个普通机械铁血兵 Kill 20 unarmored mechanic SF units
战鬥胜利情况下消灭30个普通人形铁血兵 Kill 30 unarmored humanoid SF units
First Letter: 通
Full Text Meaning
通过後勤支援获得快速製造契约*1 Obtain 1 fast craft ticket from logi
通过後勤支援获得快速修复契约*1 Obtain 1 fast repair ticket from logi
通过後勤支援获得装备製造契约*1 Obtain 1 equipment craft ticket from logi
通过後勤支援获得人形製造契约*1 Obtain 1 doll craft ticket from logi
通过聊天向好友问候1次 Send 1 message to friend
First Letter: 获
Full Text Meaning
获得任意手枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 HG dolls
获得任意衝锋枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 SMG dolls
获得任意突击步枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 AR dolls
获得任意机枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 MG dolls
获得任意步枪战术人形*3 Obtain 3 RF dolls
获得任意配件类装备*3 Obtain 3 attachment type equipment (optics slot)
获得任意弹匣类装备*3 Obtain 3 ammunition type equipment
获得任意人形类装备*3 Obtain 3 doll equipment (exo, armor, cape, ammo box)
First Letter: 进
Full Text Meaning
进行5次人形强化 Run doll enhancement 5 times
进行5次装备强化 Run equipment enhancement 5 times
进行1次人形重型製造 Run 1 heavy doll production
进行1次装备重型製造 Run 1 heavy equipment production
进行1次技能升级(人形、妖精皆可) Run 1 skill training (HOC doesn't count)
First Letter: 累
Full Text Meaning
累积获得核心*3 Obtain 3 cores
累计消耗人形製造契约*4 Use 4 doll craft tickets
累计消耗装备製造契约*4 Use 4 equipment craft tickets
累计消耗快速製造契约*4 Use 4 fast craft tickets
累计消耗快速修复契约*4 Use 4 fast repair tickets
累计消耗人力*1500 (自律除外) Use 1500 manpower (no auto-missions!)
累计消耗弹药*1500 (自律除外) Use 1500 ammo (no auto-missions!)
累计消耗口粮*1500 (自律除外) Use 1500 rations (no auto-missions!)
累计消耗零件*500 (自律除外) Use 500 parts (no auto-missions!)
累计从好友处获得10次共用电池 Obtain friend battery 10 times
累计搜集20个爱心 (包括战术人形与格琳娜) Obtain 20 hearts (includes Kalina)
累计使用3次好友的支援梯队 Summon friend support 3 times
累计消耗校準点券*30 Use 30 calibration tickets
累计进行模拟作战2次 Run 2 combat simulations
累计获得波板糖*1 (可通过退库2星、3星傢俱获得) Obtain 1 lollipop (scrap 2* or 3* furniture)
累计获得脆皮甜筒*1 (可通过退库4星傢俱获得) Obtain 1 ice cream cone (scrap 4* furniture)
累计点赞他人宿舍20次 Give dorm thumbs up 20 times
累计赠送礼物10份 Give 10 gifts (includes combat reports)
累计消耗电池*100 Use 100 batteries

Master index page for other guides: http://dmesse.egloos.com/3568507

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